How to sew a Pretty Patterned Bedsheet

How to sew Bedsheet with a patterned design by sewing patterned fabric with plain fabric making a pretty design for your bedheet
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This is a sewing tutorial to make a bedsheet with a patchwork design. Not a full-on patchwork in the truest sense but it looks like a patchworked fabric. And one you can make very fast; and with very neat seams.

sewing bedsheets

How to measure the bed for the bedsheet?

To know the dimension of the bedsheet you have to measure your bed with the mattress you have. Both the Length and the width. Measure its thickness too and also the drop you want (this depends on the tallness of your bed.)

The usual dimension of bedsheets can be checked in this post : The popular bedsheet dimensions.

To make it customised to your bed’s dimensions take the measurement on your bed. First, decide on the drop you need for the bedsheet from the mattress- depends on the height of your bed and also whether you want to just tuck the bedsheet

Length of the bedsheet = Length + 2 * thickness of the mattress + 6 -10 inch extra for tucking or drop + 2 inches for hem allowance

Width of the bedsheet = width of the mattress + 2 * thickness of the mattress + 6 -10 inch extra for tucking or drop + 2 inches for hem allowance.

Divide the width of the bedsheet by 3. Add 2* 5 /8″  seam allowance to this. Cut this width in length equalling what you decided earlier as the final length of the bedsheet — 2 pieces. For pieces C & D

5 fabric pieces for the bedsheet sewing

For the middle piece I have taken a 42 inch long patterned fabric piece– width is according to the width of your bed.

But if you want to be exact Divide the length of one of the main 3 pieces by 3 (depending on the printed piece you have). Add 1/2 inch extra to the plain pieces as seam allowance. Add 1 inch extra as seam allowance to the middle printed piece. 

Cut out your total 5 pieces – 4 pieces in plain fabric and one in patterned fabric.

You also need a square fabric piece in plain fabric to attach as a patchwork piece.

Buying Bedsheet fabric

Check out this post on the best fabrics for bedsheets. Whatever you choose, it is better if it is easily maintainable – for me this translates to “can be washed in a washing machine”.

You can pre-wash the fabric you will be using to sew the bedsheet, before you cut and sew them together to prevent different levels of shrinkage – remember you are using two types of fabric that may shrink in different ways. So there may be puckerings at the seam, if you do not prewash.

How to sew Bedsheet

Actually sewing this bedsheet is just a matter of joining these pieces in a sequence. Join the fabric pieces in this order.

Finish the faux patchwork on the patterned fabric piece.

fabric piece measuring 42 inches

Cut a square fabric piece. For all the fabric pieces use an L shaped ruler to square the fabric.

applique on the bedsheet

Fold the edges to the back 1/2 inches on all sides. But just folding to the back can make the corner look messy. You can miter the corners. To do this, fold the corners to the inside and then fold the edges again.(See the picture below) 

fold the corner

Fold again.

Then fold the edges to get a mitered corner

Keep on top of the patterned fabric and top stitch in place – this will give you neat pointed corners.

Pin in place. Top stitch in place

top stitch the applique piece on the bedsheet

I added another fabric piece to the middle of this fabric.

Add another applique in the middle
Another square piece added in the middle of the bigger square

After the patterns are finished, attach the top and bottom plain fabric pieces to this patterned piece.

sew the top and bottom pieces to the patterned piece

Then add the other fabric pieces on either side of the middle piece.

 sew the other side pieces to either sides

Then finish the hem. Just turn under the hem twice 1/4 inches and then stitch in place.

how to sew bedsheets - hem the outer edges neatly

The only significant thing about the sewing of this bedsheet (and it is the most important part because it gives this bedsheet the neat look on the front and back that you need on a good linen) is the flat felled seam which is used to stitch all the seams.

How to sew the flat felled seam for the bedsheet seams

Join the fabric pieces, using a 1/2 inch seam or 5/8 inch seam (just align the edges of the fabric to the 5/8 inch mark on most sewing machine beds- this will give you a consistent seam allowance). Do not make the seam allowance less than 1/2 inch. 

sew the edges together

Press the two seam allowances with a hot iron to the patterned fabric side.

After this, carefully clip the patterned seam allowance to 1/8 inches. 

trim the seam allowance to 1/8 inches

Now fold the plain fabric seam allowance (which is still 1/2 inches wide) to inside 1/4 inch and then over the smaller 1/8 inch seam allowance. 

fold the other seam allowace over the smaller clipped one

Press in place. 

Turn the seam allowance to the side and sew in place

This will effectively hide the cut edges of your seam allowance.

Sew the edge in place.

This will create a parallel stitching line along the seam line on the top ( see the picture). 

pretty looking seams on the front and back

On the back it will look like this (Picture below). A very neat finish on the top and the back.

double lines of stitching on the seam of the bedsheet

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