How to do Kashmiri Stitch { Embroidery stitching tutorials}

Kashmiri work is a beautiful embroidery style very popular all over the world for its floral designs. There are many ways of doing this work . 

The method described here is a filling stitch with which intricate and distinctive designs are filled in.The basis of this stitch is a stem stitch. This stitch is worked with a central knot to fill up designs drawn from the nature. The back of the embroidery looks beautiful with a small space between the design, where as in the front it gives a great filling stitch.
How to do Kashmiri stitch


Step 1.

Bring up the needle from the back of the fabric on the outline

Step 2
Make a small straight stitch to the other side of the outline.

Step 3
Bring up the needle from half way of this stitch in the centre, on top of the straight stitch

kashmiri stitch

Step 4
Now insert the needle under the straight stitch a little to the left, to the back of the fabric and come up near where you started.

kashmiri stitch

Step 5
The whole work is completed in this manner, very closely and carefully done
This intricate and beautiful work is an art and best done by the craftsmen of Kashmir. Motifs are all influenced by nature. Some of the most commonly used  motifs are birds like parrots, flowers like lotus and Lilly .You can try this work on your dresses too for a little bit of that charm visible in the beautiful work of the valley

Another method is to use chain stitches to fill the designs.

chain stitch embroidery designs

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chain stitch embroidery



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