Lace Inserts – 3 ways to add Lace trims between fabric

lace inserts

Heirloom sewing brings to mind the finest of sewing techniques – and it is so. If you can adopt some of the heirloom sewing techniques you are going to make the best garment you will ever make. Lace insertion is a quintessential heirloom sewing technique.

I love adding a lace element to most of the clothes I make.(Checkout the other 29 ways to add Lace to your clothes)  No need to explain why.

Lace trims / lace fabric can be inserted between fabric panels with these easy  methods . With these methods you can add the see through element of lace to otherwise opaque fabrics which is very appealing and tantalizing. 

Lace insertion, other than adding beauty to your clothes is an  excellent technique to add height to your clothes. Checkout the post on lengthening your skirt for more ideas. 

The lace can be added to appear behind the fabric panels or on top of the fabric panels. The methods to insert lace in both ways are given here. 

Method 1 Adding lace trim behind the fabric panels

Step 1. Take the two fabric panels and finish the fabric edges with a zig zag stitch or using the serger.

lace inserts

Step 2 Press the fabric edges to the inside with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

Step 3. Keep the lace in between the panels and pin in place. 

Step 4 Stitch the lace to the fabric  very closely from the folded edge

lace insertion

Method 2 Adding Lace trim on top of fabric panel

This involves adding the lace trim to a fabric piece and then cutting it into two pieces after the lace is added.

Step 1. Keep the lace where you want it to be inserted.Stitch the lace in place along the edges to the fabric. 

lace inserts

Step 2 On the backside cut the middle portion open. You need atleast 1/4 inch seam allowance. So if the lace trim is wide, cut the fabric away a little from the middle ; if the trim is small cut through the middle.

lace inserts

Step 3 

Press the seam allowance to either side ( to the fabric side)

Stitch the seam allowance in place. Trim away the excess. 

lace inserts

lace insertion

Method 3. Edge joining with sewing machine

You can use the edge joining foot  and any decorative stitches in your sewing machine to add lace fabric to fabric edges. The guide in the middle of the foot creates a 1/4 inch gap between the fabric panels and adds the decorative stitch in between.

Simply place the fabrics adjacent to each other and sew with the foot in place. The lace will be attractively added to the fabric edge

Check out the tutorial for using edge joining foot. 

Method 4 Insertion stitches

insertion stitches

Checkout the post on insertion stitches for more details. Insertion stitches are decorative stitches that can be used to attach lace to fabrics

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