How to make a TULLE SKIRT – 2 easy ways

diy tulle skirt

Method 1 Easiest DIY Tulle skirt – an overskirt

This is a wrap around tulle over skirt you can wear over your tights,  leggings or a half slip or even an existing skirt or on its own.

The fabric tulle is what dreams are made of – it is a beautiful floating fabric with a fairy tale aura. Most of the ballerina skirt are made in this material and I have made a ballerina skirt for my younger daughter using one of the tutorial for ballerina skirts I have featured in this post. I then decided I wanted an overskirt. This  overskirt has made my eldest daughter into this totally girlie skirt convert. She is usually a denim girl who has to be persuaded into something feminine with great difficulty

Since making this skirt I have had requests from many mamas who want an easy tulle skirt which is easy to wear as well with its silk ties. Here is the easy peasy tutorial

  • Tulle fabric ( You can use any sheer fabric like organdy or organza for this skirt) 
  • Matching Fabric piece (Cotton or satin) with length = waist round + 1″; width =2.5″
  • Satin ribbon 1″ wide – 2-3 meters 
  • Satin fabric (optional – use if you want opaqueness to the skirt )


How much fabric do you need to make the tulle overskirt

Measure the length of skirt you want. Double this amount and add 4 inches and this is the length you need for the fabric.

Lining ( optional) – You may need to add a  lining to this tulle skirt ; I have added a satin lining in this skirt. This can  be totally skipped if you want to retain the sheerness of tulle. 

Step 1.
Divide the tulle fabric you have by 2. Cut through the middle. Join the two pieces at the length seam . I have used a french seam to join the pieces as the french seam makes it look good on both sides. From this long piece measure – your waist round * 3 . Cut off the rest. 

The lining material should be cut 1 inch shorter than the tulle fabric.Width should be the same. ( for the pink skirt I have not used lining but for the white organza one I have used lining)

Step 2

Hem  the bottom edge of the tulle fabric; (For tulle fabric you donot have to do it if you donot want to). Do the same for lining as well . This is done separately. Just turn under 1/2 inch and then 1 inch (press ) and stitch in place. 

Step 3

Gather the top edge of the skirt to the measure of your waist round. You can make 2 rows of gathering stitches (basting stitches) to gather. Do the same for lining as well. 

Baste in place the gathers you have made with a long baste stitch 1/2 inch from the top gathered edge

Stay stitch the gathering in place with a straight stitch 1/2 inch for outer skirt and the lining separately. Then join the top edge of lining and tulle fabric together .

Step 4

Stitch the fabric side edges – I have turned under 1/4 inch twice,main fabric and lining edges together; on both sides. 

diy tulle skirt

Step 5

Take a piece of 2″ wide fabric strip the length of your waist + 1″ – Now this strip should be  the exact round of your waist when finished. Give it a double fold -ie turn the fabric edges 1/2 inch inside.

Keep the gathered edge of  tulle skirt inside the fabric strip and to pin in place. Top stitch the waistband.The top edge is neatly finished inside the waistband now.

tulle skirt diy

Step 6

Take the satin ribbon of ( length = waist round * 3  ) and finish the edges with a bias snip inside like in the picture below; so that it wouldnot fray.

how to sew a tulle skirt

Take the center of the ribbon. Place the ribbon on top of the waistband you have made and pin in place aligning center of the ribbon and center of the skirt waistband

The ribbon should completely cover the face of the waistband. Pin in place at regular intervals. Top stitch the ribbon 

tulle skirt diy
You can wear this over skirt by wrapping the skirt and wrapping the ribbon tie around your waist and bringing the sash ends to the side and tying a bow.

how to sew a tulle skirt

diy tulle skirt

Method 2 A ruffled tulle skirt

Another option for a tulle skirt is to make it in layers of ruffles. Below is the photo of a skirt my daughter owns. To make this is easy . Simply sew a slip (like this one in the half slip tutorial) and sew on ruffle strips cut out from tulle. Because tulle donot fray at the cut edges you donot have to finish the edges – makes everything so sew easy

Cut the tulle strips atleast 2 times the round of the skirt at the 3 levels. 

tulle skirt diy

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