20 Best & easy sew Ballerina skirt tutorials

Easy sew Ballerina/Tutu skirts

When you think of a Ballerina skirt what immediately comes to your mind is a child whirling around in a tutu skirt. A kid is extremely delighted every time she wears a ballerina skirt. The romanticism and playfulness of the skirts wins them over every time.

But not so  the modern fashionista. In spite of the beauty of this most feminine skirt, the big girls are wary of being labelled a ballerina if they wear it.But even the big girls are increasingly preferring the feminine looks of the ballerina skirts.

Sewing a Ballerina skirt is easy and can be done with the minimum sewing knowledge. Some of the tutorials I have featured are no sew ie you do not even need a sewing machine for the whole construction. These easy sew ( no sew) tutorials for making a homemade tutu skirt will tempt even the most sewing averse person attracted to dressmaking. 

Some of the tutorials mentioned are for kids tutus but the principles can be applied to adult skirts as well. 

On clicking on the title you will be taken to the concerned website with the tutorial.

Checkout the tutorial for an easy to sew Tulle wrap around overskirt with ribbon ties if you are looking for a quick sew ballerina skirt . 

diy tulle skirt

Ballerina skirt tutorial

This very easy to make and comfortable skirt is made of an old knit skirt and sheer fabric 

Ballerina dress ( an anthropologie knock off )

Black ballet skirts are so attractive looking especially for grown up girls. This tutorials gives clear instructions to sew a ballerina dress which is very attractive and easy to sew

DIY tulle skirt tutorial

This tutorial is just wow ; you will definitely want to make one after looking at the blogger modelling the skirt ; so lovely. 

Easy elastic waist tutu

Very easy to sew tutu with tulle sewn to waistband elastic - You will want to make this.

how to sew an easy tulle skirt

Race tutu 

Perfect for theme races , this tutorial gives us  'a cost-saving but fun way to stand out on race day

Classic tutu tutorial

A traditional tutu , this wonderful tutorial can be used to make the costume-tutu for your next play or party

Tulle skirt

The picture is enough for me to want to sew this one

Pom Pom tutu

I cannot imagine an adult wearing this but for a little girl nothing more delightful than this very very cute skirt


How to gather fabric for your Ballerina skirt

Handling tulle fabric when making the tutu skirt can be a little hard due to the nature of the cloth and the sheer volume of the fabric you use to make this voluminous skirt. So the usual way of gathering the waist part with two rows of long stitches may not work.

You need a long plastic thread (like the one used in a fishing line) or dental floss. You can even use the full strand of embroidery thread.Cut them a bit longer than the cloth you have.

Adjust the stitch type to zig zag and stitch width very wide.
Place the thread/floss over the cloth and zig zag over this, without catching the thread in your stitch
After you finish the stitch, gently pull the thread or floss to make the frills of the tulle.Use a few hand stitches with needle and thread to stitch the gathers at both sides.

( Checkout the post on sewing sheer fabric )

How to care for your tulle ballerina skirt

If you find wrinkles on your skirt, do not take out the iron yet, use steam from a hot shower or a cloth steamer to remove the wrinkles. 

Always hang the skirt rather than folding it to store. otherwise unsightly wrinkles will be the result.

Never ever put the tulle skirt in a washing machine. That is a sure way of destroying it.

Hand wash the skirt with mild shampoo and water. ( Checkout this post on more tips on handwashing clothes)

Take a  look at the beautiful and fashionable girls who have styled this skirt into something very modern and desirable. They have paired the skirt with shirt, lace tops, sweater,crop tops, tights, jackets and spruced it up to make it look like something you should have in your fashion wardrobe.

Some general rules for wearing a ballet skirt in style are

If you have a slim and long torso you can go with a tutu with a big waistband
If you have short legs definitely go for slim waistbands; otherwise you will end up looking stocky.
If you have very broad hips you should avoid wearing a very short tutu

A tank top paired with a wide embellished belt and ballerina shoes will work very well with a ballerina skirt. A leather/ denim jacket paired with the Ballerina skirt will give it a contrast of rough and feminine  which is a very attractive look. But you have to be careful that the jacket is not too bulky or else along with your voluminous skirt the whole look will end up looking dumpy. 


Photo source : lookbook.nu/ellemay

Photo courtsey : lookbook.nu/keikolynn


Photo source :lookbook.nu/lubasha88

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