CHEVRON STITCH { Embroidery sewing tutorials}

chevron stitch

A chevron stitch is a zig zag stitch done between two intermittent parallel lines. Small horizontal straight stitches are interspersed with diagonal lines to make this beautiful stitch.You can use this stitch as an outline stitch, border stitch or filling stitch

To make  this stitch in a neat manner you will have to mark the guidelines for sewing it – two parallel lines; You should be using a marking tool which will disappear like a water soluble pen to mark the line as the lines will still be visible after you embroider the stitches in places. You can imagine the lines if you are finicky about the lines showing on the fabric.You can make this stitch on curved parallel lines as well. 

How to work the Chevron stitch

Step 1

You make these stitches from left to right. Mark the lines

Make a straight stitch in the bottom line ; Bring up the needle at 1 and then down at 2

how to do chevron stitch

Step 2

Come up at 3 half way of 1-2 and go diagonally to the top line and bring the needle down at 4 which is just inside of the marked line, making a diagonal stitch 

chevron stitch

Step 3

Come up at 5 and go down at 6 making a straight stitch of the same size as the first one at 1-2


Step 4

Come up again at 7 and go down at 8 making the next diagonal stitch

chevron stitch

Step 5

Make another horizontal stitch at the base 9-10.Continue the next stitch from 8

chevron stitch

Chevron stitch as a filling stitch

You can use chevron stitch to fill embroidery designs. Just make a row of chevron stitch from the top of the design, then continue making chevron rows underneath filling the design in a nice pattern

Chevron stitch as a border design

You can also use this beautiful stitch to make borders. You can checkout this post for some more embroidery border designs. 

embroidery border stitch designs and patterns

Half chevron stitch

This is a slightly different variation of the chevron stitch. In this stitch you eliminate the top horizontal straight stitch and continue the bottom horizontal stitches. 

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