Find your Face Shape {& get the best dressing tips for it}

What has face shape got to do with dressing well, you may ask. My kids always chide me that I am over the top in finding faults - this, after I blamed their 'allergic cold' on their 'iPad use'. Placing the responsibility of dressing well on the proportions of a face might sound similar to you. But oddly, face shape seems really to have an effect on dressing - Read on.

A very important element in dressing is the neckline of the garment - it frames your face. If you change the neckline to one that will enhance the face shape, you have a winner. As face is an integral part of good looks, this makes sense.

The main aim, after you have determined your face shape, is to de-emphasis the prominent feature of the face shape that you want to change - length, width or angularity are the usual culprits. You may also want to bring your face shape to one that is your ideal - mostly it is an oval face shape which is a symmetrical shape. 

With clever make up and hairstyles you can achieve these to a great extent - but the bodice and its neckline can also bring on the look you want, provided your other proportions like body shape, height etc are ok with it. 

Determining the kind of face shape you have

This is not the easiest of all investigating jobs you will get, though on paper this sounds as easy as dipping a tea bag or looking at a celebrity with the said face shape. You can be scientific about it or simply wing it. To be scientific, you need some measurements.

Tie your hair back fully. Take the tape measure and do the job yourself. Measure.

I. From the top of the forehead (hairline) to the tip of the chin

2. Across the forehead

3. Across the cheekbones.

4. Across your jaw

Write it all down. Compare the measurement to what I have given below. And you will know your face shape or some one else's.

If you find it difficult to take measurements of your face by yourself, get the outline of your face in a mirror - this might seem juvenile but it works. Stand in front of the mirror absolutely still and using a marker ( a sketch pen would do) try to draw the outline of your face on the mirror. You have got an approximate shape of your face. 

face shape

Round Face shape 

As the name tells you rather obviously, it is rounded all over - rounded cheekbones, round chin, round shaped forehead. It is as wide as it is long - but the width makes it look much shorter than it is. Even the features of this face shape will be rounded or rather subdued.

Any neckline that will elongate the wide face is good with this shape - v neckline is the absolute choice; Scoop neckline, draped neckline with a deep cowl, wrap neckline, plunge neckline are all good.

High necklines like a crew neckline, jewel neckline can further shorten the look of this face. So would a closed square neckline.

International Celebrity with oval face shape - Selena Gomez

face shapes

Square face shape

To know if you have this face shape take the forehead and jawline measurements - they will be almost equal. The length and width of the face will be somewhat the same. The forehead will be wide and broad, the jawline almost flat. The forehead will be almost a straight line. A strong hairline and a strong jawline - intimidating combination. Result is that the whole face will look like a square.

You need clothing especially neckline that will make your angular face more soft. Deep V neckline, U neckline, scoop neckline, cowl neckline are good.  A square neckline is to be avoided at all cost as the angularity is emphasized.

International Celebrity with Square face shape - Keira Knightley 

face shapes

Rectangle Face shape

To have this face shape your face should have the length of the face much more than the width measurements of your face.The width measurements of your face ( across forehead, cheekbones, jaw) will be almost the same, with the jaw slightly narrower and mostly rounded.

You can have a narrow face or one with broad forehead and wide jaw. People will say you have a long face, to you or behind your face. 

You need necklines that would make the length of your face seem not so disproportionate. Try round necklines like U neck, crew neck that rests high on your neck or slash necklines like a boat neckline, bateau neckline. Do not go for deep necklines like deep Scoop necklines or V necklines which will make the face look longer. Break the lines with a jacket if you want to wear the V neck.

International Celebrity with Rectangular face shape - Meryl Streep

face shape

Triangle Face shape

This is an angular face with a narrow pointed forehead (usually low hairline) and an almost flat chin. The chin area may be prominent in some or very negligent in others. When the jaw line is very prominent and chin area is significant, this face shape has been called a Pear shape. Some people may not have a prominent jawline (low) but still have a triangle face shape because of the width there.

People with this face shape should avoid all necklines that would further enhance the angularity of their features -  they need to create a balance by recreating curved lines that their face lacks. Scoop necklines, sweetheart neckline, Sabrina neckline, off shoulder necklines, cowl necklines are all good choices.

International Celebrity with this face shape -  Minnie Driver 

face shapes

Heart Face shape

This is a neckline with a wide forehead, narrow jaw line and a pointed chin- looking like a heart. This face shape usually have high cheekbones. The face is widest at the forehead than anywhere else.

Scoop neckline, Sabrina neckline, Jewel neckline and all other necklines which will soften the angular inverted triangle kind of look of this face shape is appreciated.

International Celebrity with a heart face shape - Scarlett Johansson

Diamond Face shape

Diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and narrow jaw with wide and high cheekbones - infact the face is widest at the cheekbones. They have cute prominent cheekbones.

As this face shape is characterized by sharp lines you will have to soften the look with rounded necklines, like a deep scoop neckline, wide V neckline. 

International Celebrity with Diamond face shape - Halle Berry

face shapes

Oval Face shape 

You have an oval face shape if the length of your face and the width of your face is in a certain proportion - Length is 1.5 times the width ; Forehead measurement will be slightly more than the jawline measurement. And everything is slightly curved like an egg.

Oval face shape is said to be the ideal face shape and those blessed with this face shape can carry any type of neckline framing their face.

It is also said to be the most common of all face shapes. But to my personal knowledge very few are lucky to have this face shape. I see a perfect circle as I mark my face - the people around me are all triangles, oblongs, squares etc. Where are the ovals?

The balanced proportion of this face shape makes it suitable for high, low and collared necklines equally well. You are one of the lucky ones with a face shape that suits all the necklines available. A V neckline is a favorite, though. 

International Celebrity with oval face shape - Natalie Portman.

One way to go about is to study the celebrity with your face shape and follow her style if it suits you.

I will also write a disclaimer to say that there are a lot of 'in-between' shapes - give me a break, there are close to 8 billion people in the world. It is impossible to box them into 7 categories and go home. But it is fun, so indulge yourself.

Another point is to check your body shape - this can change everything. Check out your body shape here.

If you are getting interested in the topic and want more knowledge than I can provide, you can check out this youtuber who has some interesting points Another detailed resource is -

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