Four sided stitch { Embroidery sewing tutorials}

four sided stitch

A four sided stitch is also known as the square stitch. Obviously because it looks like a square. It is a very easy stitch to master and works great as a border stitch.

This stitch is also used in pull thread embroidery. When you increase the tension in the stitches when making this stitch it pulls the threads of the fabric and creates a nice pulled thread effect. The fabric when this stitch is done in a pattern will look like lace.

How to work this stitch.

Mark two parallel lines
Make a first stitch 1-2 at the end of the row
Next make the bottom stitch 3-4
The top stitch is made 5-6
Do the Left side stitch 7-8
Treat the stitch 7-8 as the right side of the next box. Continue making the stitches

four sided square stitch