Double cloth with a Double weave

Double cloth is, as the name suggests, a double-layered cloth made by weaving two or more warp yarns with two or more weft yarns. The weave is called a double weave. The double weave construction adds weight, strength, warmth and durability to the fabrics.

There are different types of double cloth; the usual kind is made this way – the two layers of fabrics are woven one on top of the other at the same time on the same loom – these two layers are interconnected by a weft binding thread.

The 2 sides of the double cloth may be the same or have different yarns, textures, weave, color, and pattern. Double cloths make great upholstery fabrics and blankets.

Popular double cloths

Mackinaw is a double cloth used to make coats. Zibelene is another coating fabric which has a double weave construction. Velvet is made with a double weave construction but the interconnected yarns are cut through creating the pile of the fabric. 

A Double faced fabric is a double cloth with two right sides. Satin ribbon with a shiny surface on both sides is an example.

Double knit is a double-faced fabric with double thickness than that of a single knit fabric. Both the sides of the double knit fabric are the same and can be used reversibly. ie you can use either side as the right side. Because of the double knitted construction (it is made on a circular knitting machine with 2 sets of needles) it is a more steady fabric than a single knit and is great for making dresses. Because of its good recovery, it is popular as a sportswear fabric.

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