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Sew an easy Chiffon Top – Pattern & Sewing Tutorial

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sew chiffon top

This is an easy to make chiffon top that can be worn under cardigans and long jackets. Though simple enough to make, in the course of making this top, I invented some choice swear words. These thin lightweight fabrics, though beautiful, flowy, drapey and dreamy are not the easiest dressmaking fabrics to sew. 

But if you have mastered some tricks, thin fabrics can be sewn without much trouble – sometimes! Check out the post on sheer/transparent fabrics for more details; and the 10 best lightweight fabrics for dressmaking

Step 1 Cut out the back pattern

chiffon top pattern

Step 2 Cut out the front pattern

chiffon top pattern

Step 3 Cut out the neck /armhole binding pieces

You need 2 pieces of armhole binding strips of 2 inches wide ( cut on the bias or crosswise grain – beware chiffon stretches a lot on the bias) These pieces should  be enough to go around the armhole of the bodice with 1″ extra for overlap

The neck binding strip should be 4 1/2 inch wide and enough to go around the neckline edge with 1 inch overlap .

chiffon top pattern tutorial

Step 4 Join the shoulder seams and side seams

how to sew chiffon top

You may want to make a 2-inch slit – so leave the 2 inches unstitched at the bottom edge on the two sides. When you trim the seam allowance, do not trim the seam allowance along the slit- this has to be folded and stitched.

Because you can see through the fabric, you will want to have a clean finish to the inside cut edges of the seam allowances. Either serge the edges or make a zig-zag stitch after trimming the seam allowance close to the seam line. French seams are also a very good option

chiffon top diy pattern

Step 5 Join the neck binding

Keep the neck binding piece to the inside of the back of the neckline (fold the short edge 1/4 inch first) and then start stitching along the neckline edge. When you reach back to where you started overlap the binding and finish the stitching.

make a chiffon top

Clip the seam allowance all over the neckline

Pin the overlapping edges of neck binding – this will need to be adjusted later so do not stitch in place.

Fold the neck binding to the outside. Pin this. Now stitch the overlapping short edges of the neck binding.  Now top stitch the binding in place.

sewing tops

Step 6 Finish armhole binding

Bind the armholes the same way as the neckline

make a chiffon top

chiffon top

Step 7 Finish the slit and the hem

sewing a top

Fold the seam allowances at the slit twice and stitch in place. Hem the bottom edge of the top with a baby hem. A baby hem is made by turning/folding the edge once 1/4 inch and then stitch along the fold. Then trim the extra allowance. Turn again 1/4 inch and stitch in place.

chiffon top

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11 thoughts on “Sew an easy Chiffon Top – Pattern & Sewing Tutorial”

  1. Hi, newbie to adapting on line patterns, how much fabric would I need for size 16, could this be made with silk.
    thanks lyn

  2. Please can you use a lighter material with a bright/darker cotton, its difficult
    to see on the dark material what to do.

    1. Hi Liz
      This is best made with a thin drapey material like chiffon, crepe – the neck binding would look good with these flowy materials.
      Which step is difficult for you?

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