Drop shoulder top/dress with shoulder slits – Free sewing pattern

This is a very easy to sew  drop shouldered top with shoulder slits which give a peak of the shoulders and small slits at the side seams at the bottom edge.

top with shoulder slits

Take two pieces of fabric of dimensions – length of the top you want and width is 5 inches more than the half of hip round. ( if it is a dress you will need more width)

I joined two pieces together for the bodice panels at the top edge as the printed cloth on its own looked too busy. A 3.5 inch piece wide fabric was added to the top edge of the main fabric pieces for front and back. 

drop shoulder dress pattern

I decided to do some embroidery on the blue pieces.I did Kantha work . Beautiful and fast to do ( Very important for an almost ADHD personality like me who nevertheless loves beautiful embroidery). Made a template (freehand) of the Mango shape and traced around it .

drop shoulder dress pattern

Then did simple running stitches all over

drop shoulder dress pattern

Mark the pattern on the fabric pieces


make a drop shoulder top

A-H is the length of the top + 2″ 

A-B = 3.5 ” This is the neck width
A-L= 2″ ( this is the back neck depth)
B-K = 6.5″ -7″ (this is the front neck depth)
A-M =1/2 of shoulder measure ( This is the measure from one shoulder tip to other shoulder tip)
M-C= 4 ” ( I took 5.5″ which was a little too much drop; it is your call)

E-D = 1/4 of bust round + 1.5″

F-G = 1/4 of waist round+ 1.5″ 

H-I = 1/4 of hip round + 1.5″  ( increase the flair if making this longer than hip length)

go up 2 inch from I and mark bottom edge in a slight curve

Cut the back pattern first and then the front bodice . Cut out the necks.You also need a lot of bias strips to bind the necklines and armlines and the shoulder seams . Infact 10  numbers. 

The front bodice

The back bodice

Bind the front neckline and back neckline with 2 strips of bias strips

I joined the strip right side together and then turned to the inside and whip stitched the strip to the back. You can stitch by machine as well.

Now bias bind the armlines of the front and back bodices. You need 4 bias strips for this . Bind all the four sides – Bind the length of the armhole length ( as per the table) + 1/2 inch

drop shoulder dress pattern

Now take two more bias strips for joining the shoulder seams ( 4 bias strips total for both shoulders). Keep them on top of the shoulder edge and stitch the edges of front shoulder edge and back shoulder edge like this

drop shoulder dress pattern

Turn the strips to the back .

Keep two of the shoulder seams together right sides together

drop shoulder dress pattern

Stitch the ends like this in the picture.The red line shows the stitching line. Remember to join under the seam allowance .

drop shoulder dress pattern

You will get the shoulder seam joined in the edges.

drop shoulder dress tutorial

Turn under the bias strips and stitch in place. You can hand stitch or machine stitch

drop shoulder dress free pattern

drop shoulder dress pattern

Now join the side seams till 3 inches to the bottom edge

drop shoulder dress free sewing pattern

Ensure that you back stitch at the end so that the stitches donot unravel

Turn under the side seam allowances and stitch .

From the top it will looke like this

Now stitch the bottom hem. Because it is a curved hem you will be better off with a faced hem, especially if the material is synthetic ; a narrow hem would work for cotton 


Bust measurement inchesArmhole depth

286 3/4
306 3/4
347 1/4
367 1/4
387 1/4
407 1/2
427 1/2

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