Can you make a simple Girls Skirt without a pattern? Yes!

Simple is the new smart. If that is true this simple skirt I am making is the best thing since the sewing machine was invented. Because you do not need a pattern to sew it. How smart is that!

You simply cut a rectangular piece of fabric and thread elastic through a simple casing you make and make it into a tube and you have this cute little skirt.

The best thing is that you would have made your simple skirt without any pattern whatsoever.

The table given below shows you all the details like the age of the wearer, approximate waist round ( If you are gifting the skirt this is nice to know – better than breaking the surprise by sneaking on them  with your tape measure to measure their waist) and the measure of the fabric you need to cut for these waist sizes

This is better as a knee length skirt or just under the knee – longer than this and you will need a slit to let you walk properly.

AgeWaist roundLength of skirtWidth of fabric for the skirtLength of fabric for the skirt
0-6 months12-14 inches6 - 8 inches
(4 inches for a newborn)
27 inchesLength of the skirt you need + 2.5"
6-12 months16 inches8 -10 inches33 inches"
12-24 months18 inches10-12 inches37 inches"
3-4 years20 inches12-14 inches41 inches"
5-6 years22 inches12-14-16 inches45 inches"
7-8 years23 inches12-14-16 inches47 inches"
10-12 years24 -27 inches12-14-16 inches49 inches"
14-16 years26 -28 inches18-19 inches53 inches"
Small Adult26-30 inches19-21 inchesDouble the waist round + 1""
Medium Adult31-35 inches19-21 inchesDouble the waist round + 1""
Large Adult36-40 inches19-21 inchesDouble the waist round +1""

As per this table, you should be cutting a fabric piece of the following dimensions

Length = length of the skirt you need + 2.25 inches extra for the hem and waistband 

Width = 2 times your waist round + 1″ ( or 1.5 times your hip round + 1″)

If you want to line this skirt, cut lining the same as the main fabric.

Cut 3/4 ” elastic equalling waist round -1″

Step 1 First and foremost hem the skirt piece – just turn under the bottom edge twice, 1/2 inches each. This will give you a nice enough hem.

If you want a wider hem take that much extra and stitch.

Step 2 Join the lengthwise edges of the skirt piece with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and make the skirt tube

( If you are using lining do the same for the lining as well separately. )

Step 3 Make the casing for the elastic by turning under the top edge twice; first 1/4 inch and then 1″ ; Leave 2 inches unstitched so that you can insert the elastic through it.

Insert the elastic through this unstitched portion into the casing with a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic.

Stitch the elastic ends together with 1″ allowance. Use zig zag stitching some 3-4 times to reinforce your stitching.

girls skirt pattern

After you have elastic inside safely, Close the hole . 

Align the elastic properly so that the gathers are all around the waist. Stitch the elastic in atleast two places to keep it in place.You can use tacking stitches with your hand sewing needle.

(If you are using lining keep the skirt and lining together and make the waistband casing together as one fabric.  Then the lining should be hemmed after the skirt is hemmed so that you can ensure that the lining is shorter than the skirt.)

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