What is a Thong underwear?

thong underwear

A thong is a type of underwear that is very skimpy in the front and almost non-existent in the back. It consists of a small covering in the front and a thin strip of material in the back. It exposes the back of the body and covers the front, just adequately.

The material of the thong goes to the the back between the buttocks and attaches to the waist elastic at the back.

A thong is usually made of stretchy fabrics like Nylon-spandex, and other elastane materials. 

Uses of thong

It was first conceived as panties that would aid in tanning the whole back without any clothing concealing any area. As already said, the thong underwear leaves the whole back exposed. 

Today, when tanning is not the greatest past time of the generation, the most obvious use of a thong other than as a sexy underwear (as a part of alluring lingerie) is to eliminate the visible panty line on the back when you wear tight-fitting gowns with regular panties. The thong effectively eliminate this problem as there is not much material in the back to make those lines – the thin strip in the back is concealed.

Variation of Thong Underwear

String panties are variations of thongs. A G string is made of just a small fabric covering the front connected to elastic strings at the waist and back.

Thongs are meant to be invisible underwear but there are some who object to the strap lines on the waist – for them C string thongs can work.

C string is a variety of thong but without any sort of string at the waist. It is truly the ‘invisible underwear’ as it is made of a stiff material and curves in place keeling everything covered without any waist strap.

Whaletale thong has a y shape in the back. This is the kind you normally see riding up the pant waistband. 

back shape of a whaletail thong

How to wear a thong

Clothes are a personal choice and no one has a right to opine about what you are wearing on your body. But that said, thong is not without any problems. The number one is that it is not adequate as an all- protecting, hygeinic underwear for everyday-of-the-year use.

Thongs are usually made of synthetic fabrics with elastane fabrics and can be a breeding ground of infections if you are not careful. Cotton thongs are better in terms of hygiene. And also do not wear thongs everyday.  

Another problem with the thong is that it frequently rides up in the back. But then you maynot consider it a problem and welcome the thong sighting outside. But if you dislike this you may have to recheck the size – it may have stretched out of shape.

Some people find that wearing thongs give them nothing but pain – literally. So that is a possibility. You have to know this before deciding to wear it everyday. And ensure that the thong strings are not tight against your body tugging at skin, making you feel pain.

Cosmopolitan has listed many instances when you should not wear thongs, which include when you are sick, when you are wearing sweaty workout clothes for a long time etc. These come with a health warning. Many people have concerns about thongs like Are thongs uncomfortable to wear? Can thongs cause infection or boils?. 

Thong sandals

The word Thong is also associated with a kind of shoe. A thong sandal is a backless flat sandal with a strap for just the big toe holding the legs to the shoe. Greek thong sandals is a slingback sandals with an ankle strap joined to the toe strap.

thong sandals

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