Queen Anne neckline

Different types of Queen Anne neckline, its history and how to sew the neckline easily.
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queen ann high collar neckline

The queen ann neckline is a unique neckline with a slight rise in the back of the neck that looks like a collar but is actually a one-piece neckline. It has an elegant, almost regal aura.

Why is this high collar neckline called a Queen Anne neckline?

queen anne of england and denmark

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Anne of Denmark was the wife of King James VI and I of England and thus became queen of Scotland and England. She usually wore gowns with a special collar at the back of a wide front neck.

This neckline has undergone a lot of variations, but this type of neckline with the high back is collectively called a queen anne neckline.

The modern version of the queen Ann neckline has a high collar at the back of the neck and a wide open front neckline design.

This collar is commonly seen on bridal gowns and evening gowns.

queen ann collar neckline

This neckline is paired with a sweetheart shape in the front. A scoop neckline is another great pairing with the high collar

In wedding gowns, the neckline is usually made of lace fabrics.

How to draft and sew the high collar Queen anne neckline

The pattern for this neckline is unique from other collars in that the collar is cut out as one piece as the neckline. The collar is cut as a pattern that broadens towards the neck

Mark 2.5 inches from the folded edge of the fabric.

mark 2.5 inches from the folded edge and 1.5 inch from the top

Mark the bodice as usual.

Mark the collar, 15 inches from the neckline.

high collar neckline
Mark up 1.5 inches and 1 1/4inches inside from the folded edge

Mark the sweet heart neckline.mark collar upwards

Cut back bodice and Mark the back neckline 2.5 inches from the folded edge.

 Sewing the neckline

Cut out the front bodice as per the pattern.

cut out the front bodice with the collar

Cut out the Facing for the neckline.

high collar

Join the short edges of the top collar.

join the top edges
Join the top neckline edges

Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance for this.

neckline edges sewn together

Join the edges of the facing too.

join the edges of the facing also the same way

If you mean to add a zipper to the back, you can skip this joining

Keep the facing on top of the neckline and sew in place.

keep facing on top of the neckline

Sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance. Clip the seam allowance for smooth turning.

turn the facing to the back

Press the seam allowance open and then turn the facing to the back; again press

Now join the back and front bodices together at the shoulder seams and the back of the the neck. 

High collar queen anne neckline

If made carefully it can look like this top.(Not sewn by me; but you get the idea?)

high collar neckline

A Queen Anne neckline is best paired with a form-fitting silhouette. The open neckline will balance out your figure’s contours, creating a lovely elegant silhouette.

A queen anne neckline design with wide sweetheart front paired with long sleeves is a very popular style for wedding gowns.

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