Lagenlook Fashion Style & the art of layering

Read about the different features of lagenlook clothing style that makes it unique

Lagenlook is a distinctive fashion style that originated in Europe and has caught the imagination of women all over the world because of its quirky, sophisticated, and stylish layered clothing with unusual silhouettes.

Lagenlook fashion is characterized by baggy clothing, asymmetrical cuts and an excess of layers

The aesthetic is fluid and loose-fitting, with long vertical lines and prominent highlights, like big buttons, giant loops, and pockets in the tops or jackets. Big unusual accessories complete the look.

“Lagenlook” is a word that originated from the German word “Lagen,” which is pronouned as Láge, and translates to “layers” in English. This is a  fashion trend that specifically started in Germany, as you have already guessed from the word.

The clothing style is focused on layering several pieces of clothing to create a look that expresses a particular type of carefree, intellectual personality with a distinct fashion style. I would associate it with a modern take on a bohemian gypsy look.

For women who wear Lagenlook, how the apparel makes them feel takes precedence over how others might perceive them. It’s a declaration that one’s experiences should precede any conceivable enjoyment others may gain from seeing you. As the layers of fabric are understood to be extensions of the body, the body beneath those layers is free, unbound, and on display. 

Features of Lagenlook clothing

Lagenlook creates a unique style. The style usually involves layering jackets in jersey knits to linens over long tunics and tank tops. As each outfit is put together, it develops into a unique piece of art.

It is a very adaptive clothing style in that you can mix and match a lot of items in your wardrobe and look different every time with just a few wardrobe staples.

Lagenlook is eclectic. Clothing is made in fabrics of different prints and patterns and in different styles. This look is a fantastic way to show off your sense of style and color. There is an artistic feel about each piece of lagenlook clothiing.

Lagenlook has gained popularity among women of all ages, and many brands cater to the look. This style is well-known in the alternative fashion scene for youth. Older women also find the style comfortable to wear.

Lagenlook disregards a very important criteria among contemporary women’s clothes – that clothing should blatantly disclose the body shapes beneath them to look attractive. In this style, nearly every piece is oversized. 

Because of the layering and oversized style, this aesthetic can make you look larger than you are. It may also give you an oddball appearance, if too many elements are brought together. There has to be a balance in the eccentricity for it to look endearing. 

But then there is an advantage too; the clothing and its many layers will hide all the flaws you have. Lagenlook is generally considered as a style suitable for most body shapes.

And finally the most important of all, to a lot of people, it is very comfortable. There is something about the loose baggy clothing that makes you feel at ease even in the most challenging circumstances.

The style can adjust to any situation. Depending on where you live, you can modify your lagenlook wardrobe. Try light, airy knits or thin and soft linen during summer and thicker sweater knits and Ponte or heavier kinds of cotton for winter.

Lagenlook is a very versatile style that can be adapted to a lot of aesthetic styles and trends, and this versatility is what accounts for its popularity.

Lagenlook offers a lot of room for personal expression. The best part about this style is that you can choose a look that best suits your present mood and personality. Mix & match to create your lagenlook style today!


So is Lagenlook for you?

Are you more comfortable in loose baggy clothes which have an artistic look to them than form fitting couture dresses or low-waist jeans and run of the mill clothes? Do you like loose tunics worn with even looser jackets and unusual silhouettes like sarouel pants?  Is your style inclined towards simple, casual, free while beingstylish, daring, and fashion-forward? If your answer is yes, this look is for you!

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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2 thoughts on “Lagenlook Fashion Style & the art of layering”

  1. It would take me a while to get used to a style we have been admonished to not wear.
    We have been discouraged not to wear anything baggy and frankly unkempt on some examples.
    I have not seen many samples of this style as of yet in this country.

  2. Would like some patterns or where you can get patterns to sew that has a finish look not raw edges. Want things to look finished. Fabric ideas to go with patterns.

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