How to sew a Phone belt pouch

Learn to make a zippered Phone pouch attached to a belt with velcro fastening - easy way to carry your phone around

A few years back, I would never have imagined that my phone would become a part of my body! I mean, not literally, but figuratively it almost is.

I have it near me at all times. Panic sets in if I cannot find it. I could reach the whole world with it, and I can get in anywhere that matters with that small machine, and the fear that I would be locked out is real. So it makes sense that I would want it near me even when my hands are engaged, and I do not want to put it down anywhere?  I can do it with a belt with the phone pouch attached.

I guess you are concerned for me by now. It may not be that desperate as all that and I may just want to do some gardening with my phone close by. This goes for that too.

Here is an easy way to make such a pouch that you can strap to your body with the phone inside – very easy to sew. Just a zippered pouch with a belt that fastens with velcro. 

belt pouch for a phone

Make a Belt with Phone pouch (Velcro fastening)

Step 1 – Measure the phone

Measure the width of your phone

You need to measure the width of your phone – take it as A
You may also measure the length if you want to make the pouch smaller to fit the phone in length rather than the standard size I have made.

Step 2 – Gather the materials for the pouch

Cut out fabric pieces - one piece for the pouch body - 2 for straps one zipper and a piece of velcro

Cut out one rectangle fabric piece for the main pouch body – 10.5 inches in width ; length should be the width of the phone you measured A multiplied by 3
You also need 2 strap pieces for the belt – I have cut out 2, 6 inches wide fabric of length 13.5 inches.
Zipper of length 10.5 inches
2 velcro pieces 3.5 inches long

Step 3 – Sew zipper to fabric edge

zipper sewn to the fabric edge

Place the zipper face down on the fabric edge (10.5 inch edge) ; sew the zipper to the fabric edge.

Step 4 – Flip the zipper up

Bring the zipper right side up as in the picture

Step 5 – Sew other edge of zipper to fabric edge

Bring the othert edge of the fabric up over the top zipper edge. Sew the two together.

Step 6 – Turn it Rightside out

Bring out the pouch right side out. This is how it will look with the zipper closing the edges of the fabric. Cut the extra zipper edge (after bringing the zipper pull to the middle)

Step 7 – Prepare the strap of the belt.

strap for the pouch

Fold the side edges of the strap piece to the middle.

Fold the side edge to inside

Fold one edge to the inside – press in place

Press again by the middle

press by the middle

Press the strap piece by the middle again.

Top stitch the strap

Sew the strap on all 3 sides. Sew the other strap the same way.

Step 8 – Sew velcro to the ends

Sew velcro

Seperate the velcro (Loop and eye fastener) and keep one of the sides (the loop side) on the strap and sew in place.

Step 9 – Sew velcro to the other strap

Ensure that you are attaching the velcro so that they overlap – use common sense to ensure you attach it right.

Step 10 – Keep the strap attached

Place the straps so that the velcro overlaps and are pressed together

Step 11 – Fold one long edge to the inside

Bring to the edge of the pouch to the inside (like you would for an inverted pleat)

Step 12 -Fold the other edge

Same way, fold the other long folded edge to the inside. Your pouch is now reduced in size at the edges. Press in place.

Step 13 -Insert the strap inside the folded pouch

Place the strap inside the pouch; Keep it face down.

Step 14 – Bring the strap edge and fabric edge together

Stuff the straps inside the pouch so that the cut edge of the strap and the fabric edge are aligned together. Pin in place.

Step 15 – Sew the other edge the same way

Bring the other end of the strap and the other end of the pouch fabric edge together.

Step 16 – Sew the edges

Sew the side edges – with the straps inside (The strap is inside ; you just cannot see it).
Important : Remember to open the zipper as you sew the edges, otherwise you wouldnot be able to turn the pouch rightside out.

Step 17 – Bring the pouch rightside out

Through the open zipper, bring the pouch right side out (straps and all)

The phone pouch with belt is ready

Straighten the folds and bring the corners neatly outside with something sharp but blunt. Everything looks neat and all But would it fit my phone?

Yes, it does

The phone fits nicely inside.

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

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  1. thank you for the help. will do someting, not for cellphone, but a similar application.
    will share with fellows that certainly will take useful and straight learning from this article. Than you again.

  2. Sounds like a great solution to work or even go for a walk with your phone handy. I love this idea and will make one maybe even one for a gift. Thanks. Pockets in womens clothes are too small to carry anything.

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