Square Neckline : Different types & the best one to choose for you.

Learn different types of square necklines & pick your favorite and the one that suits your body shape.

square neckline

I searched my wardrobe for one square necklined garment and couldn’t find one. That does not say anything about the popularity of this neckline, of course. But this is not a neckline for everyone and every period. It was in high fashion once upon a time, then disappeared and appeared on and off and suited some people more than others.

You can read on to know more, like the different types of the square neckline, whether it would suit you considering your body shape.

First and foremost, What is a square neckline?

This neckline looks like the 3 sides of a square (sometimes rectangle) in the front. The back of the neckline can be a mirror of the front or a high neck or crew neck.

Different types of square neckline

The regular boxy – square neckline

regular boxy square neckline

Low cut square neckline

Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library. (1760 – 1769). [The dancing lesson] Retrieved from https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/33a06650-2988-0133-5e8a-58d385a7bbd0

This is a very wide and very deep square neckline. A la, the dancing lady in the 18th-century picture above. She seems very popular; is it on account of her neckline?

Or, like the one Renee Zellweger wore at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. When you think about it, this neckline looks very modest compared to plunging v necklines though it is very deep. So if you want modesty but still a scoop neckline maybe this is for you.

Embed from Getty Images

Square necklines on Peasant-style tops

square neckline of peasant type tops

A lot of peasant-style tops (raglan-sleeved tops) feature this type of neckline. This is the stuff for cottage core fashion style.

Most of them can be pulled down to make it an off-shoulder style.

Wide-neck square neckline

square neckline which is wide

This is a very wide and narrow square neckline. It is more of a narrow rectangle.

High cut square neckline

Strappy square necklines

straps make the neckline square

Straps (spaghetti and wide straps) can give the look of a square neckline if the cut of the front of the top is straight

A square cut with a sweetheart-neckline inclination

Here the square neckline is made to look like a sweetheart neckline with the help of trims.

Would the square neckline suit you?

This neckline was very much in fashion during the Regency Era and the Victorian period. And all the ladies wore gowns with square necklines and long, long trains, irrespective of their appearance. But you do not have to do that. Societal pressures are not an issue today in fashion. You can choose your neckline depending on your preference and also your body shape.

If you are top-heavy and want to de-emphasize this, a square neckline is not for you. The same goes if you are short. No wonder I have no square-neck tops. I have learned from experience that this is not the neckline for me.

This neckline is more suited for a pear shaped body shape. It can widen the shoulders and balance the look of wide hips of the pear shape.

If you are very lean with a flat chest, and you want to look more full up there, a square neckline is your savior. It can also show off your bony collarbones.

And if you have a very round face shape, a square neckline can  create more linear lines and angles and make the round shape lesser pronounced, other things being supportive (you are thin).

If you follow the Kibbe bodyshapes, a dramatic bodyshape and square necklines suit each other very well. Dramatics have a straight and tall body shape with sharp bone structure and features. Their bony shoulders and collar bones are emphasized and shown to advantage in this neckline.

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