Different types of Wrap around clothing

From dresses to skirts, Wrap-around clothing is chic and stylish. Learn about different types of wrap-around clothing in this post.

different types of wrap clothes

A wrap style garment consists of a piece of fabric that wraps around the body and ties at the waist. The wrap is secured with buttons or ties on the inside or outside edges. 

This type of clothing has been around for a long, long time – first, it is a very easy construction. You take a cloth and just wrap it around the body and tie it in place. 

Throughout the centuries, wrap-style clothing has evolved in response to changing fashion trends, from simple garments made of linen and wool to elaborate pieces consisting of many pieces of fabrics embellished decorative materials like ruffles and lace.

The Toga of the ancient greeks belonged to this style with its wrapped around the body and shoulder style.

toga style wrap around dress

In contemporary fashion, wrap-style clothing remains popular for its simplicity, timeless elegance, and effortless versatility.

The main advantage of a wrap-style garment is its flattering fit. The second advantage is its adjustability. A single garment can fit all sizes by way of wrapping and tying.The asymmetrical style of these garments create a kind of visual interest and dimension to the outfit.

Wrap-style clothing can be both simple or elaborate, classic or modern.  It is also very versatile in terms of how it can be worn.

Different types of wrap around clothes

It is a versatile style that can be adapted for all kinds of garments – but mostly for dresses, tops, and skirts. There are also many variations within each category of clothing. Wrap pants and jumpsuits are the other most common styles of wrap-style clothing.

Wrap dress

wrap dress

A wrap dress involves two overlapping panels of fabric that are tied together and worn at the waist, often with an open or v-neckline. This type of clothing is especially popular among women, as it offers comfort and versatility while being extremely flattering to all body types. Many brides now choose a wrap-around style wedding dress over anyother.



A sarong is a wrap around piece of cloth that can be worn as a cover up over just about anything. It is a main bottomwear in a number of countries (for men) and a skirt for many and dress for a daring few. A very versatile piece of clothing indeed. 

Wrap skirts

a wrap skirt that looks like a tulip skirt

Wrap skirts are usually associated with a casual style of dressing. But you can have all kinds of skirts in this style. A mini wrap skirt can be fitted around the waist and hips with the help of the ties of the wrap style. Usually, warp skirts are in the style of Maxi skirts, slightly bohemian. Or with lots of ruffles or tiers. They can also be stark and minimal with just the wrap around ties.

a mini wrap skirt

A Bandage Skirt is made of different strips of fabrics that is wrapped around the body.

Fisherman’s pants

Wrap pants come in many different styles, from casual to dressy. Fisherman’s wrap pants are wide-legged and create a dramatic silhouette with their warp-over ties in the front. They can be fun and comfortable for summer outings.

a crop wrap top

Kimono style wrap-tops

A kimono is a classic wrap-around style gown. This traditional japanese robe is wrapped around the body and tied at the waist with an obi belt.


Kimono tops with their overlapping wrap top is a favorite of many, because of their close fitting style. 

A wrap top that looks like a kimono robe

A Karate robe fashioned like a kimono is similar.

karata robe which is wrapped around the body and tied

Other wrap-around tops are all extremely figure flattering, because of the way the ties are wrapped and fastened at the smallest part of the body.

peplum style wrap top

Wrap-style clothing has become a popular fashion trend in recent years, offering versatile looks that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Depending on the fabric and the accessories, a wrap-style garment can be sophisticated and stylish or comfortable and summer ready

Is the wrap dress for you?.

In a wrap dress, the neckline forms a V and the dress is tightened at the waist creating an A line silhouette. The V neckline is a suitable neckline for all those who want to look lean and tall. As the waist is defined with ties at the smallest part of your torso, your body looks slimmer. So whatever body shape you are, you can benefit from a wrap style. 

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