10 types of Earrings made with Fabric & Yarn

Creative earring designs made with fabric and yarn, which can be an inspiration for DIY projects for handcrafted earrings.

When you are a fabric enthusiast, thread, yarn, and cloth are never far behind in whatever purchases you make. Yes, this applies to even my jewelry purchases. Here are my favorite pieces of earrings, all somehow or the other interweaved with thread. They are colorful, beautiful and everything wonderful

Different types of fabric earrings

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1.Embroidered Fabric Patch earring.

fabric earrings

If you know how to make embroidered patches you can easily make this yourself with some basic jewellery making skills. Check out this post on making fabric patches, or making embroidered patches

2.Velvet covered studs

ear rings

This stud is covered with a piece of super plush velvet fabric. You can make it in any shape you want and use up all the velvet scraps you saved up for just a project like this. Imagine a matching stud for all the outfits in your wardrobe.

3.Tassel Earrings


Simply attaching a beautiful tassel under an ordinary earring can transform its look. Make tassels following this tutorial in all the colors you want. You can make them easily with embroidery thread in different shades.

4.Tassel earrings


Tassels need not be limited to one. Keep them side by side and  you can achieve quite a dramatic look of a chandelier earring for your otherwise ordinary dangler

5.Tiered Tassel earrings


Layer them one on top of the other for a more colourful earring. Varied colours can make it extra beautiful

6. Yarn tied earrings

earring with yarn

Yarn can be twisted or woven in beautiful colourful patterns inside a loop earring to coordinate with your outfit

7. Bead loop earrings 


Seed beads are threaded on plastic strings and combined with other cords/strings/thread to form a pretty dangler

8.Pom Pom earrings 

pompom earring

Pom Poms are as easy to make as tassels and they can be used alone as a dangler. You can make these pom poms easily at home – checkout this post on making felt beads.

9.Pom Pom earrings 


Pompoms are combined with gold dangle earrings to make it more pretty. Here is the post explaining different ways to make a pom pom.

10.Yarn wrapped earrings

yarn earring

Colourful Yarn is wrapped over earrings – change the colour of the yarn according to your outfit. You can wrap yarn this way on any shape and use it as a dangler.

Feather earrings

Feather earrings are quite startling and a great addition to a boho-bohemian wardrobe. Peacock feathers seem to be the most popular. Though not strictly made of yarn or fabric, I would include it for its queer factor alone, besides its similarity to a yarn made one

If you like fabric and earrings and DIY, the best bet is to combine all of them and make them on your own. Here are some posts that will help you : Make your own earrings with fabric,; Make your own fabric beads

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