How to use Spray Starch or Sizing

Us humans always try to find the easiest way to do a job. That is how smart we are (or is it laziness?). Spray starch is ‘that’ smart way to starch at the last minute. The easy way to a beautifully crisp, pressed garment. Have you tried it? Here is my experience when I did. … Read more

How to wash Pashmina shawls.

how to wash a pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls are soft, fine, woolen shawls that are the pride of their owners. They are made from one of the finest animal fibers, from the silky undergrowth of cashmere goats. They are hand woven on hand looms. The fabric is very costly. And it is wool! All these facts make you concerned about what … Read more

Dry cleaning symbols & Do not dry clean symbol explained

dry cleaning symbols

If you have an item of very precious clothing, even if you are in dire straits and think thrice about any added expense, you will not hesitate to give it to dry clean to prevent yourself from ruining it. That is how much you get attached to some clothing. For eg. your wedding dress. But … Read more

Soften and make wool less itchy (Easy ways)

itchy wool - softening ideas

Many people vouch for wool as their favorite means of protection from the cold – who does not have a favorite wool sweater or a woolen shawl or would not want to have one, but there are as many who stay away from wool and rely only on synthetic alternatives like acrylic despite their many … Read more

Using a leather cleaner and conditioner (why you need them)

using a leather cleanser

When properly cared for, leather is among the most long-lasting materials. Even with the inevitable creases and fade-in, it can last forever and still look beautiful.  Many people are confused about how to approach the cleaning of leather and whether they can use household cleaners or they should use professional leather cleaners to clean their … Read more

How to wash Rayon (& read the care label symbols properly)

how to wash rayon clothes

Rayon is a soft shiny fabric that can almost be classified as delicate because of the regenerated cellulosic fibers that it is made of. There is a likelihood that your favourite rayon top (a lot of soft tops today are made of rayon) will be damaged in the wash if you are not careful. So … Read more

Wool wash symbol and meanings explained

wool washing symbol

Nowadays, when I go to a shop for clothes, even the retail salesperson recommends synthetic fabrics in lieu of natural fabrics. This particular salesperson discouraged me from buying wool leggings, saying it is difficult to maintain- maybe she sensed that I am a lzy person. Wool fabric is considered one of the most human-skin-friendly fabrics … Read more

How to wash Elastic Spandex/Lycra clothes

can spandex leggings be washed?

When you look at Spandex clothing, most of them seem indestructible. The new-age all-cool form-fitting garments suitable for hard wear made of spandex – all of them have an aura of “do-whatever-with-me” “I will be fine”. They are the stuff that athletic wear is made of – the kind you expect to wear well and … Read more

How to remove Butter Stains from clothes

remove butter stains

Butter looks better on bread than on my shirt, but considering the fact that I eat bread and butter almost every day and following murphy’s theory of things going wrong if they could, there are a lot of chances of butter landing on my shirt than you would think. My daughter would just scrape it … Read more

How to clean Suede Leather

This post is about caring for suede and cleaning it once it gets dirty. Suede is a fuzzy surfaced leather closely resembling a soft napped fabric and so different from any other leather you are familiar with. This is so because suede is made of the underside of the animal skin. What I mean is … Read more

How to PREVENT WRINKLES on clothes

As long as good looks pay, there will be a premium on everything that makes you look good. This includes the beautiful clothes you wear – and for clothes to be presentable, they have to be smooth and unwrinkled. The premium for unwrinkled clothes involves the time and energy you spend ironing them to their … Read more

Wrinkle-free Fabrics : Are they real?

When your alarm goes off in the morning, it is like, an atom bomb is ready to explode on top of your head! You know your time is up; you know you will be busted, but you are still paralyzed to do anything. Just a few seconds ignoring the alarm, and the bomb goes off. … Read more

How to wash Acetate fabric and care for it so it will last

Most people think that they do not have any acetate fabric in their wardrobe, but if you have any tailored garment or a nicely lined dress or gown, you probably have. Most store-bought coats, jackets, skirts, and dresses have acetate as lining. Many of the low-cost shiny gowns and costumes these days maybe made of … Read more

How to IRON a shirt (Remove the wrinkles properly)

A perfectly pressed shirt – the magic bullet to an excellent first impression! A creased and rumpled one – the beginning of the end! You may not think of these in the excessive terms that I have mentioned, but you will agree that a well-pressed shirt can make you look smart, presentable, intelligent, rich, and … Read more

How to wash & care for your Shirts

wash shirts

Whether a formal meeting or an informal date, a clean, well-pressed, neat-looking shirt is almost a staple. But keeping them in the pristine condition you bought them is challenging. Many factors are detrimental to the life span of your shirt. Here are some tips for cleaning your shirt to look like new. Tips for maintaining … Read more

How to use a Steam Iron properly

Which fabrics ought to be pressed with a steam iron? All fabrics cannot be ironed – this is a fact. Some will not take the heat of an iron and remain the same, like fabrics with texture, and coated fabrics. Some will be destroyed completely like leather or faux leather. Some materials can be manipulated … Read more

How to WASH and Care for your JEANS

How to wash jeans for the first time? There are many people who do not wash their jeans for months on end when they first buy it – they must love their jeans, so much. This is especially true of raw denim jeans. (This is a secret but there are people who do not wash … Read more

How to clean and care for your HATS

Most of the common types of hats are always popular and in fashion, and if not, at least they will be sometime or the other. So, it makes sense to buy the best hat that you can afford and take care of it for a long time. And the best thing is that with a … Read more