How to sew a Vest from old jeans : Sewing Tutorial

Denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics for dressmaking. It is also one of the prettiest. You can make countless things from denim salvaged from old jeans.  A vest is one of them. It is a piece of clothing you can make from a single jeans (provided it is big enough). Here is a sewing tutorial.

You need 3 pieces to sew a vest – the front pieces (2 nos) and a Back piece.

Mark the front pieces of your jeans with the pattern given below. If you cannot get the width of the pattern from a single side, join pieces from the remaining parts of the denim.  Remember that the front pieces should be mirror pieces.

sew jeans vest DIY-jeans-vest

Cut out the back piece as in the picture below.

You can cut the piece from near the hem of your jeans so that you do not have to sew hem for the back piece. If you are using the hem, reduce 3/4 inch from the length of the back piece in the picture above.

jeans vest sewing tutorial jeans vest DIY sew-jeans-vest

Bind the neckline of the back piece.

make a vest

Bind the front neckline with binding. Do this for the two front pieces.


Join the shoulders of front pieces to the back pieces. Bind the armhole with binding.  Sew the hem

You can make the vest close with buttons or snaps. I chose to add buttons as show and close with snaps.

For that you need to sew the buttonstand and facing for the other side. 

Cut 2 pieces of fabric one 2 inch wide and one 2 1/2 inch wide; length should be 1/2 inch longer than the area.

Sew them to the edges. Remember to fold the edges to the inside as you sew.

Fold one the pieces to the inside and sew in place.

On the other side you need to make a stand for your buttons – fold it to the outside and sew in place.

Attach the jeans buttons.

A jeans button is a no sew button – you make a hole and press it close. And remember you need to protect the button with a plastic thingy.

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