Sewing Machine & Accessories

Needle Threader

Some may scoff at the idea of a needle threader as the most essential sewing tool of all – but I would agree. I cannot start any kind of sewing without this small but super useful tool that helps to thread a needle fast and before I get any furious. Is there any sewing without …

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Blind Hem Presser foot

Imagine you have to hem the long edge of a skirt or pant in no time, so that nothing about the stitches show outside; and you do not want to waste time hand stitching the hem. There is an easy way to get the same result with your sewing machine – by using the blind …

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Top 7 Sewing Machine Brands

This post lists the most popular brand names of sewing machines. For me Sewing is an expression of my creativity; this is so for countless men and women all over the world. For correct execution of our creative ideas, we need a sewing machine that will give a seamless experience when sewing; a machine that …

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