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Sewing Machine Needle sizes

sewing machine needle size chart

Generally all sewing machines are equipped with a 12 or 14 universal needle for general sewing. But specific types of fabrics should be matched with specific needles for perfect sewing experience and to avoid problems in sewing. Sewing Machine Needle sizes for different Fabric types Machine needle size numbers indicate the needle’s width. Basically, the … Read more

How to use a Binding presser Foot on your sewing machine

bias binding foot

Bias binding is nothing complicated – but it involves some extra steps busy sewists may want to skip, especially when you have lots and lots of binding to do. That is when a binding presser foot comes to be of use. For those who want to do the binding in one step, the binder foot … Read more

Needle Threader

insert the thread through the loop of the threader

Some may scoff at the idea of a needle threader as the most essential sewing tool of all – but I would agree. I cannot start any kind of sewing without this small but super useful tool that helps to thread a needle fast and before I get any furious. Is there any sewing without … Read more

Zipper foot : 3 types and how to use them

A Zipper foot helps you to sew zippers close to the fabric edge without sewing over the zipper coil. The stitches are made very close to the zipper coils. The post is about the different types and the best way to use them. Do you need a zipper foot to sew zippers? That is a … Read more

Broken-Needles – Can you prevent this?

You can ask me how a needle can break into three pieces – what atrocity did I do with the machine, for this to happen? But in my excuse, a little bit of carelessness can result in this. And a little mindflness will prevent this.  Shattered needles are more than a small inconvenience – the … Read more

Blind Hem Presser foot

Imagine you have to hem the long edge of a skirt or pant in no time, so that nothing about the stitches show outside; and you do not want to waste time hand stitching the hem. There is an easy way to get the same result with your sewing machine – by using the blind … Read more

Darning foot (Free motion embroidery Presser foot)

Darning foot is a very convenient but optional sewing machine foot to have – it is used for freehand quilting, darning over holes, sewing appliques, and for embroidering even when you do not have an embroidery machine. So indeed, a very nice sewing machine pressure foot to have. The darning foot is also called free … Read more

Satin Stitch Presser Foot : 4 types for perfect satin stitching

A satin stitch is a decorative stitch that you can make with any sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch capability. A satin stitch is a zig-zag stitch 2.0, i.e., an enhanced zig-zag stitch that is very useful in all types of sewing and embroidery – making borders and edge stitching, quilting, buttonhole sewing, making scalloped … Read more

How to use a Ruffler foot on your sewing machine

Bulky but beautiful Ruffler foot This is a sewing machine foot attachment used on low shank home sewing machines to make beautiful gathers and ruffles. The presser foot looks bulky and complicated but it is seriously not.  4 things the ruffler foot can do for you You can make ruffles and small pleats – this is … Read more

How to use a BRAIDING Presser FOOT on your sewing machine

When you have to attach thin trims to your clothes or other sewing projects there is no other useful sewing machine accessory than this. You can easily attach trims like thin ribbons, ric rac trims, cord, braids, etc with this foot. You get a couching stitched effect with the help of the braiding foot. It … Read more

All about Bobbins & How to use them properly on sewing machines

What is a Bobbin? Bobbin is that small spool (plastic or metal) that you wind with thread for the lower thread supply on a sewing machine. Your sewing machine uses it as the thread on the underside of the fabric for making the lockstitch that joins a seam. Bobbins may be made of metal or … Read more

Sewing Machine Repair : 10 scenarios and what you can do

repair of sewing machines

A Sewing machine is just that – a machine, with lots of hardware parts and sometimes software. It can develop all kinds of hardware problems in the course of its use and disuse (and misuse). So, what to do, as soon as you see something is wrong with the sewing machine? First 5 steps of … Read more

1/4 inch Seam Foot (Sewing Machine Foot tutorial)

The 1/4 Inch Seam Foot is also known as 1/4 inch Piecing foot or 1/4 inch quilting foot or the 1/4 inch patchwork foot ; it is a sewing machine foot that is very useful when sewing a seam with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. There is nothing like this foot when you have to … Read more

Gathering presser foot (Shirring foot)

The Gathering foot is a very convenient foot to have on a low, vertical shank sewing machine, if you are a person who sews a lot and you love frills and gathers. If you do not regularly sew, you can do with the simple zig-zag stitch gathering to make frills, and ruffles. But if gathering … Read more

How to use a WALKING FOOT :Sewing Machine Presser foot tutorial

Until you get this foot on your sewing machine you may not know its value, and then once you have it, you will find it very useful in a lot of your sewing. The walking foot, also known as an even feed foot is invaluable, in many ways for a passionate sewist, especially for quilting. … Read more

Bodkin as a Sewing tool : Different uses

What is a Bodkin and How is it used in Sewing? A bodkin is a very useful tool in sewing. Especially if you have someone at home constantly pulling out drawstrings out of pants, and hoodies. It is a threading tool used to insert elastic, fabric tubes, ribbons, cord, yarn Et al through casings easily … Read more

20 Different Types of Sewing Machines

If you are passionate about sewing, you may have a home sewing machine with some extra bells and whistles, other than the basic sewing stitches. You might even have a serger.  But as you get more involved you realize the inadequacies of your simple sewing machine. You want to buy bigger, better. Or maybe you … Read more

Sewing Machine Tension Adjustment – All that I know!

sewing machine tension

Sewing machine tension refers to the balance with which the thread is threaded through the machine – it may be tight or loose or balanced and balanced is what we aim for. You need a perfect lock stitch on your stitching line that would not be pulled out by just a tug but that will … Read more