Sew Clothes

How to make String Panties

sewing string panties -tutorial

Do you want a panties that would show absolutely no panty line outside even under the most tightfitting satin dress? Here is a tutorial for such a string panties that consist of a small covering in the front and strips of elastic or fabric that holds it all together. It exposes the back of the … Read more

Sew a Hooded Cape {Pattern & tutorial}

hooded cape

  A cape for those who like costume dramas or those who like to dress like someone from the Victorian or Edwardian era or just want some protection from cold weather and don’t mind the dramatic look of a hooded one. This is a voluminous cape which is quite easy to make with just some … Read more

Sew Triangle String Bikini-Top

A traingle string bikini-top is what it says it is, a triangle shaped bikini-top held together by a couple of strings – 3 to be particular. Here is an easy tutorial to make a string bikini in a free size. Sewing tutorial for String bikini-top You can tie the neck ties in a halter style … Read more

Make a Sleeveless dress for an Infant girl(6-12 months)

sleeveless dress for infant girl

Babies are the cutest when they are not yet one and not yet on their feet. The faces they make lying on the bed, seemingly helpless, are priceless and can melt the hardest of hearts. This tutorial is for making a sleeveless dress for a baby who is not yet one – in the category … Read more

Sew comfortable elastic waist Lounge pants

This is tutorial to sew a very comfortable lounge pants. You can make these pants in comfortable cotton or knit fabrics. You also need 1.5 to 2 inch wide elastic. Step by step tutorial to sew elastic waist lounge pants Related posts : How to sew Pajama Pants; Make men’s pajama pants; How to sew … Read more

Butterfly Top (Sewing Tutorial)

butterfly top sewing tutorial

Y2K fashion is back with a bang, and those who like to keep up with the trends are looking out for those glittery clothes, spaghetti strap tops, low-rise jeans, and also butterfly tops; All of them are back in fashion, and everyone is a diva again. So you can do your thing and make a … Read more

Faux fur Gilet (Sewing Tutorial)

Here is a sewing tutorial to make a Faux fur gilet – a very easy to sew sleeveless jacket ; it is a good outerwear to feel warm and cozy this winter, without being overwhelmed. What is a gilet? A gilet is a sleeveless jacket, usually made in a padded fabric or thick material- favorite … Read more

How to sew a Vest from old jeans : Sewing Tutorial

Denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics for dressmaking. It is also one of the prettiest. You can make countless things from denim salvaged from old jeans.  A vest is one of them. It is a piece of clothing you can make from a single jeans (provided it is big enough). Here is a sewing … Read more

Blanket Cloak :DIY Tutorial

Blankets made of winter fabrics like wool and fleece are supposed to keep you warm and comfortable in your bed but imagine being this warm even when walking around – that too, with minimal sewing. This is a DIY that converts your warm and cozy blanket into a cloak you can wear all through the … Read more

Sew a Sleeveless Top with pleated ruffles :Sewing tutorial

Sewing tutorial for a girly top with pleated ruffles This is a simple tutorial to sew a ruffle bottom sleeveless top with spaghetti straps. Measure your bust round. Divide this by 2. Add 3 inches to this. Take this as ‘A’ To sew this simple top, you need to cut out a yoke portion of … Read more

Men’s Pajama Pants :Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

This is a sewing tutorial for making a very easy Pyjama Pants with an elastic waistband and a button fly for men.  How to sew Men’s Pajama Pants – step by step tutorial To sew this, follow the steps of this tutorial. Step 1. Cut out the pattern pieces. You can usually make this pant … Read more

Peplum : An easy way to change your silhouette for the better

What is Peplum? A peplum is a shaped piece of fabric attached to the waistline of a garment. It is usually added to the waistline of tops, and jackets resulting in a nipped-in waist and a skirt-like tier with a gentle flare from the waist to the hips. Peplum is usually attached as a flounce … Read more

Make easy Fingerless Gloves : Sewing tutorial

Sewing tutorial to make fingerless gloves – 2 ways  Method 1 Cut out 2 pieces of stretchy fabric (I am using a stretch velvet)  or knit fabric for making one glove. Related posts : Stretchy fabrics ; Knit fabrics. Mark 2 1/2 inched down from the top; mark a 1 1/4 inch part – this … Read more

Sew a Tennis Skirt :Free Pattern & Sewing tutorial

Step 1. Cut the fabric pieces for the tennis skirt For the tennis skirt, you need 2 outer pieces, 2 lining pieces, and 1 waistband piece Cut waistband piece  – Measure around your waist and then add 1 inch seam allowance. Cut on the crosswise grain of the fabric. (Learn about the grainline of fabric … Read more


This is a tutorial to sew a straight waistband for your skirt, with a lapped zipper. Cut the front and back pattern pieces of your skirt. Find your skirt pattern in these posts : How to sew skirts ; How to sew a basic skirt Sew the pleats/tucks/darts as you wish or as per your … Read more

How to add Cuffs to Pant hems

A cuff is an extra band of fabric stitched to the hem and then turned up – so it acts as an embellishment and adds an extra bit of interest to your pants. Usually, cuffs have a casual vibe which is very attractive. It is also an easy way to add a few inches to … Read more

Maxi Dress Free patterns & Tutorials

A list of free tutorials and patterns to make beautiful Maxi dresses Simple chiffon maxi dress Tutorial to sew a simple lined Aline maxi dress – this has an easy to follow instructions with step by step photographs. Ruffled maxi dress This ruffled strapless maxi dress is a romantic dream come true. Very easy to sew … Read more

How to sew a Sleeveless Bodice with lining (2 easy ways)

Sewing a Sleeveless Bodice with lining You can never say anything against lining to me – I will never agree with any of it. A lining adds grace to any dress when properly done. And when the lining and the dress are sewn together, there is nothing like it. No need for any interfacing, or … Read more

Polo collar : How to draft and sew this soft collar for your clothes

A polo collar shirt has many characteristic features – a button placket, short sleeves, a step hem with the back longer than the front; but its most distinguishing element is its soft collar without a stand. Here is a tutorial with step-by-step instructions to draft and sew a polo collar with placket easily How to … Read more