Sew comfortable elastic waist Lounge pants

This is tutorial to sew a very comfortable lounge pants. You can make these pants in comfortable cotton or knit fabrics. You also need 1.5 to 2 inch wide elastic. Step by step tutorial to sew elastic waist lounge pants Related posts : How to sew Pajama Pants; Make men’s pajama pants; How to sew … Read more

Needle Threader

insert the thread through the loop of the threader

Some may scoff at the idea of a needle threader as the most essential sewing tool of all – but I would agree. I cannot start any kind of sewing without this small but super useful tool that helps to thread a needle fast and before I get any furious. Is there any sewing without … Read more

Butterfly Top (Sewing Tutorial)

butterfly top sewing tutorial

Y2K fashion is back with a bang, and those who like to keep up with the trends are looking out for those glittery clothes, spaghetti strap tops, low-rise jeans, and also butterfly tops; All of them are back in fashion, and everyone is a diva again. So you can do your thing and make a … Read more

How to sew Sheer fabric Applique

sheer applique

Sheer appliques are embroidered patches made on a sheer fabric. Sheer fabric with embroidery (machine or hand embroidery) on top can be cut out, and this can be appliqued on fabric for a beautiful look. Here are the easy ways to do it. Sheer fabrics like organdy, organza or net are usually used for this … Read more

Stitch up a Double woven Bead chain : Tutorial

make bead chain

This is a tutorial to weave beads into a double strand completely joined together. This chain can be used as purse handles, embellishments for clothes and other accessories, making necklaces, bracelets, etc. Supplies needed for making this chain – You can use any type of round beads for making this type of chain, but they … Read more

How to sew a Silk Scarf with neat edges

Silk Scarf

Silk is a beautiful fabric, and when it is soft and drapey, it is the perfect fabric for sewing scarves. Here is a tutorial that lists all the silk fabrics suitable for making scarves and different ways to finish your silk scarf. Actually, when you think about it, what is so much to write about … Read more

What is Plush/Minky fabric?

minky fabric

Minky fabric, also known as plush fabric, is one of the most attractive fabrics in this world – it is luxurious, soft, cuddly, and flexible, and all of this with a beautiful sheen. Minky is a purely synthetic fabric. And it is available in all the colors imagined. The fabric has a right and wrong … Read more

Laptop Sleeve : Sewing tutorial

how to sew a laptop sleeve

This post is a tutorial to sew a super easy but very effective laptop sleeve, meant to keep the laptop from being dirty, scratched, or wet inside bags and generally safe during everyday use. The advantage of being a lazy person is that they invariably find the easiest way to do things – which may … Read more

How to make a Snood : Sewing tutorial

snood sewing tutorial

What is a Snood ? Historically a snood is a knitted accessory that confined long hair on the back of the head. Here, the snood is a head-covering accessory that also covers the neck – it is used as a protective covering in winter to protect the head, ears, and neck against the cold. It … Read more

Color combinations that go well with RUST COLORED clothes

rust and denim

Do you have a love for very earthy colors? If yes, you must love rust. Rust is a warm deep color with a predominant percentage of red (about 70%). Other words that point to the same color range are terracotta and dark burnt reddish-orange color. If you want to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, … Read more

Make a Japanese Knot Bag : An easy no-fastener bag

knot bag sewing tutorial

A knot bag is not the most sophisticated of all bags- but if you want a bag without bothering about fiddling with snaps, zippers etc, this is the right choice for you. The bag fastens on itself with the knot made by looping the handles together. I use it as a lunch bag for my … Read more

How to lengthen a short top (3 Easy ideas)

Add length to a top

Do you have that one top which you would gladly wear if it was just a little bit longer? Let this no longer be a problem. This post is about adding extra length to tops which are shorter than you want them to be. Idea 1   To lengthen a top, add lace trims An … Read more

What clothes to pack for a trip to India?

what to pack for a trip to india

If you are planning a trip to India, the last thing you should do is plan for your trip to ‘India.’ India may not be the world’s largest country, the second largest, or even the next largest, but I do not know of another country that spans its diversity. It is diverse in many aspects … Read more

What to pack for a Holiday in Maldives

what to wear in maldives

Maldives is a tropical beach paradise and worth at least one visit in your lifetime, if not several. The characteristic turquoise blue lagoon and the ocean surrounding the two hundred inhabited Maldivian islands lure so many visitors yearly. If you are lucky enough to go there for a vacation, you may think of packing for … Read more

How to dress for an interview {Important tips}

How many seconds does it take to get a job? If you know the answer, you have got the job! I am not joking. Countless studies have told us that interviewers usually decide to hire within the first 90 seconds of an interview. Enough time to impress them with your clothing and how you carry … Read more