20 Simple Butterfly designs for paintings & embroidery

A butterfly is an artist’s delight. Their vibrant colored wings make these insects one of the prettiest animal species in the whole world. Capturing their beauty and vivid coloring in an artwork is something most artists would love to do, be it a painter or an embroiderer. Drawing and painting a butterfly design is quite easy – because of their symmetry in body structure and their variety in coloring a butterfly can be drawn any whichever way – it will still look like a butterfly and beautiful.

For an ordinary person like me, depicting their wonderful coloring in all their glory, as it is, is next to impossible, but still, I like to try. This post is written with the idea of having a collection of butterfly designs in one place for easy reference, for the time when me or someone would like to draw and work on a butterfly.

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butterfly embroidery

Please excuse the drawings which suffer from many limitations like time, talent and temperament ( I hired someone for the paintings – my temperamental daughter who had enough after some time, even with bribes galore)

Butterfly Design 1

butterfly designs

butterfly designs

Butterfly Design 2

A butterfly species understandably known by the name Duck Eyes ( real name is Precis Coenia )

DIY Butterfly  Design

Butterfly  Design

Butterfly Design 3

This leaf Butterfly species is found in Srilanka 

Butterfly  Design

Butterfly Design 4

butterfly designs


Butterfly Design 5

butterfly designs

Butterfly Design 6

Butterfly Design 7

This is a small and colorful Butterfly seen in America Asia and Europe. Named Pieridae

Butterfly  Design

Butterfly  Design 3

Butterfly Design 8

This blue butterfly species is found in Peru


Butterfly  Design 3

Butterfly Design 9

This beautiful African Butterfly known by the name  Acrae Acrita has somewhat transparent wings

butterfly design for embroidery

Butterfly Design 10

butterfly design

butterfly designs

Butterfly Design 11

This is a butterfly called Deione Vanillae which is mostly seen in North America

butterfly designs

butterfly designs

Butterfly Design 12

This is a butterfly species called Polymmtus Icarus seen all over Europe

Butterfly Design 13

Butterfly Design 14

Butterfly Design 15

Butterfly Design 16

Butterfly Design 17

Butterfly Design 18

Butterfly Design 19

Butterfly Design 20

Butterfly Design 21

Butterfly Design 22

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