What is Frogging in sewing

I am called ‘clueless’ at home – always the last person to get the joke. Someone who didn’t know what LMAO was and thought ATM was the place where you got the money (it is that, but also ‘At The Moment’ which apparently is big nowadays).

I had a lot of UFOs in my cupboard but still wondered what other sewists meant by their UFOs (If you do not know, it means ‘Un-Finished Objects’ – those long list of projects which you started but never ended and are languishing in the cupboard for the day you will re-start them again)

Frogging is another term that I was clueless about but I seemed to have been doing frogging for years. And now I am an expert at frogging. That sounds good but it is not. Frogging is a slang term used for unpicking the stitches after you have made an error. Usually, it is used in knitting but you can use it for your sewing too.


Another meaning for frogging is the use of “Ornamental braid or coat fastenings consisting of spindle-shaped buttons and loops” (as per this website). Yes, this term refers to those chinese frog fasteners made by braiding fabric tubes and cords.

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Chinese Frog Fastener

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