Japanese Knot Bag : Free pattern & tutorial for making an easy no-fastener bag

Step-by-step sewing tutorial and instructions on how to create a Japanese Knot Bag - a unique and interesting bag without the need for traditional fasteners like zippers or buttons.
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The Japanese knot bag is not the most sophisticated of all bags– but if you want a bag without bothering about fiddling with snaps, zippers etc, this is the right choice for you. The bag fastens on itself with the knot made by looping the handles together.

knot bag sewing tutorial

I use it as a lunch bag for my school-going daughter – no fasteners to open, when she is absolutely hungry and in a hurry to get to it.

And lunch bags get soiled very easily. This bag can be made very easily. So you can make one for every other school day, in cute fabrics, in no time.

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Sewing Tutorial for the Japanese knot bag

How to make the Japanese Knot bag – step by step instructions

Sewing pattern for the Knot bag

Cut out the pattern knot bag pattern

Cut 2 from the outer fabric and 2 from the lining fabric

2 from the outer fabric and 2 from the lining fabric

Sew the outer bag and lining bag (seperately)

Keep the two outer fabrics together (right sides to the inside) and stitch the bottom of the bag together. Clip the allowance. You have to make small snips all over the seam allowance to make the bags turn nicely.sew the bags seperately -outer and lining

Turn the outer bag right side out

Leave the lining bag wrong side2 bags -outer and linging

Insert the outer bag into the lining bag

Put the right side out outer bag inside the wrong side out lining bag

Sew the two bags together

The two bags (outer and lining) needs to be stitched together at the sides of the handles. Leave 2 inches unstitched somewhere near the front of any side. This is important to turn the bag rightside out.sew along the handles

Side stitching done.

This is how it looks when donehandles sewn together

Turn the bag right side out

Bring the bag right side out through the hole left unstitched . Hand sew the hole closes after this.

Fold the strap edge to the inside

Fold 1/4 inch of the straps on one edge to the inside and press.fold the edges to the inside

Stitch the straps together

Insert the other strap inside the folded strap and top stitch in place. Do this for the straps on the other side too. turn the unfolded edge inside the folded edge


Insert the longer strap inside the shorter strap and use. knot bag

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