Stone wash jeans : How to Do-it-yourself at home.

stone wash jeans

If you remember stonewashed jeans of the 1980s, you would also remember the craze it was. And the trend for distressed faded jeans never died. Today, If you like faded, distressed, and soft, light blue jeans in the place of dark, stiff jeans but like a do-it-yourself route to this, rather than buying them for … Read more

Sew a Witch Hat (Tutorial)

Witch hat

Fabric for the Witch Hat I am using a nonwoven fabric in black color for my hat. It is slightly stiff and thick enough not to want a stabilizer/ interfacing or batting inside to stand on its own. But this material is not washable or iron-able. You can use any fabric that is stiff to … Read more

Flounce sleeve : 3 main types

flounce sleeve

Why should you be behind when everyone is wearing one exaggerated sleeve after the other? And if you have a flounce sleeve on your dress, you have one, and a pretty one at that, without the extra fullness of the usual eye-catching sleeves.  What is a flounce sleeve? A flounce sleeve is a very feminine … Read more

What is inseam and How to measure it

inseam length

What is the meaning of the term ‘inseam’ Inseam is the short form for the ‘inside seam.’ In pants, inseams are the vertical seams between the legs. The inseam length is the distance from the base of the crotch of your pants to the bottom edge of the legs of the pant. In sewing, the … Read more

Sew Spandex fabric (10 non-missable tips)

sewing spandex

Imagine a fabric that stretches so well that it can hold at least 5 of you if the clothing is your normal size and then return to the original size when you are done stretching, without a single fiber getting damaged – no bagging, no sagging! Yes, spandex or elastane fabrics, made from polyurethane do … Read more

What is bias tape? Different types of binding tapes

bias binding

A bias tape is a fabric strip cut diagonally on the fabric at an angle of 45° to the selvedge. The fabric strip is cut on the bias to bring stretch and flexibility to woven fabrics. The bias binding tape has this stretch, giving it great versatility in sewing. It doesnot fray at the cut … Read more

How to sew Rayon ?

I love Rayon – that is, to see it and wear it. It is soft, lustrous and beautiful. It drapes nicely on the body. But on my home sewing machine, it is, at times, a little frustrating. Missed stitches, frayed seams and difficulty in interfacing are all some of the problems.   Rayon is a manufactured … Read more

Cap Sleeves {Pattern drafting & Styles}

cap sleeves

A cap sleeve is a type of very short sleeve that acts like a cap over the top of the arm. This is a very common sleeve on kids frocks and also on tops, dresses and gowns for adults. As a short sleeve, the cap sleeve exposes most of the arm, so it is usually … Read more

Make a Hobo Bag (Sewing pattern & Tutorial)

Make Hobo bag

A hobo bag is a large slouchy bag with a curve between the two ends of the shoulder straps. Here is a tutorial to make a hobo bag in the fabric of your choice Tutorial to sew a Hobo Bag Related posts : Sewing tutorial for a tote bag; How to make a phone purse

How to sew with Satin Fabric

Satin is glossy; satin is smooth; satin is drapey. And therein lies all its problems. Sewing with satin may prove to be one of the most frustrating, if you allow it to be. Marking & cutting Satin Satin is one fabric which calls for a muslin first before making the final garment. It may be … Read more

How to make String Panties

sewing string panties -tutorial

Do you want a panties that would show absolutely no panty line outside even under the most tightfitting satin dress? Here is a tutorial for such a string panties that consist of a small covering in the front and strips of elastic or fabric that holds it all together. It exposes the back of the … Read more

Sew a Hooded Cape {Pattern & tutorial}

hooded cape

  A cape for those who like costume dramas or those who like to dress like someone from the Victorian or Edwardian era or just want some protection from cold weather and don’t mind the dramatic look of a hooded one. This is a voluminous cape which is quite easy to make with just some … Read more

How to sew a Phone belt pouch

A few years back, I would never have imagined that my phone would become a part of my body! I mean, not literally, but figuratively it almost is. I have it near me at all times. Panic sets in if I cannot find it. I could reach the whole world with it, and I can … Read more

Worry dolls : If you need them, you can make them now

what are worry dolls

I live in a comparatively strife-free part of the world; the problems I have in my life are mostly me-made and others-made and not so catastrophic, for the time being. And then there are the health-related worries, which come and go according to flu-season and the food I eat. Even then, there is a pandora’s … Read more

Cute Headband with Ears {Sewing tutorial}

headband with ears

This is a tutorial to make a very cute head band with even cuter ears. This is a wide hairband that can keep your hair in check and dry, when you are washing your face or applying that last minute facepack. And a very easy thing to make, for yourslef or all of your friends … Read more

Sew Triangle String Bikini-Top

A traingle string bikini-top is what it says it is, a triangle shaped bikini-top held together by a couple of strings – 3 to be particular. Here is an easy tutorial to make a string bikini in a free size. Sewing tutorial for String bikini-top You can tie the neck ties in a halter style … Read more