Cute Headband with Ears {Sewing tutorial}

Step-by-step sewing tutorial on how to create a personalized and adorable headband with unique ears.

headband with earsThis is a tutorial to make a very cute head band with even cuter ears. This is a wide hairband that can keep your hair in check and dry, when you are washing your face or applying that last minute facepack. And a very easy thing to make, for yourslef or all of your friends as a gift.

You can make it in any fabric, but I have seen it made of silk and terry fabric in shops.  To make it, you just need a fabric strip of length 32″ and width 4″ and a few fabric scraps to make the ears and some wide elastic.

Sewing tutorial – Headband with ears

Step 1.Cut out the fabric pieces needed for the headband and the ears

Cut out the fabric pieces needed to make the hairband
You need to cut 4 pieces of the ears – 2 for the front piece and 2 for the lining. Cut extra allowance for the ears – leave atleast 1/2 around if you have slippery fabric. Cut out a fabric piece 32 inches long and 4 inches wide. You also need a wide elastic to thread inside the fabric band of 16 inches length.

Step 2. Keep the two pieces of ears together

the two ear pieces kept together
Place the outer and lining pieces of the ears together, right sides to the inside.
Sew along the edge

sew along the outer edge.
Clip the seam allowance so that you get a neat look.
Turn ears rightside out.

the ear turned right side out.
You may want to top stitch the edge or leave as it is as I did.
Insert interfacing.

insert interfacing.
Cut out a smaller piece of interfacing in the shape of the ear and insert into the finished ear.
Sew the bottom edge.
Turn the bottom edge to the inside and sew in place to neaten the edge. Finish both the ears this way.

Step 3. Keep the ears pinned on the headband piece.

keep the ears equally apart.

Keep the ears 2.5 inches to 3 inches apart – equally from the center.

Step 4. Pin the ears diagonally


Pin or baste the ear diagonally on the place you had earlier marked. Sew in place

Step 5. Place the needle in and pivot

stitch the ear in a curve.

When you reach the middle pivot the ears to the front again and sew in place.
Finish both the ears.
You may want to baste stitch the ears back to the fabric so that it says down.

Step 6. Sew the fabric into a tube

Place the fabric strip right side to the inside and sew the edges together – turn it right side out with a pin – (Remember to keep the ears well inside and away from the sewing line as you stitch.

Step 7. Thread elastic through the headband tube

Cut out 16 inch long elastic ( 1.5 inch wide) – thread it through the tube you have made.
Sew the edges of the elastic together.
Keep the elastic edges together and sew them nicely together with zigzag stitches (Ignore the fact that I have a narrow elastic – the headband needs a wider elastic)

The edges of elastic inside the headband joined together.

Step 8. Sew the edges of the fabric tube together

Fold the edge of one end of the tube to the inside and then over lap this over the other edge. Make small and neat slip stitch to sew the edges ; You can be sloppy like me and sew with sewing machine as well. (Anyways it will come under your hair but you can be neat and classy everywhere, so I would recommend hand stitches).

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hairband with cute ears DIY


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