How to design letters for embroidery

Adding letters to accessories and clothes is a given in our home. With kids around, painted, embroidered and appliqued letters serve many purposes. Identification and decoration are prime reasons of course.

Checkout this post on different ways to embroider letters on to a fabric, different stitches used etc. Then there are the beautiful monograms that add a special distinction to wherever it is done on. Here I will be talking about how you can go about designing those letters yourself.

When designing letters the most important things are to make sure that

  1. All the letters are of the same size
  2. The letters are all slanted or curved in the same direction
  3. They all look the same style not a mishmash of many styles of fonts

I like to freehand the letters most of the time. For small work on our own clothes and accessories and when doing running stitch and back stitch this works allright.You can take printouts of beautiful fonts made with programs like word or online sites like Trace the words on to your fabric with any of the embroidery transfer methods described here.

But for some other counted embroidery work like cross stitch and blackwork, it is a good idea if you follow a procedure when you are designing letters so that you can get a more neat and precise embroidery work. When you are making a project for giving as a gift you do not want the slant of the letter to go haywire or the size to be way off for the project at hand.

Checkout this Pinterest board on monograms for some inspirations on the style of letters you want . Decide on the style you want for the letter. Also whether you want capital letters or small letters.

Checkout this post for some 60 free fonts  for more inspiration.

Measure the area where you will be embroidering the letters. Now you will have an idea about the size of the letter you want.

Checkout the suitability of a letter 

It is very easy to do this. Open MS Paint in your computer. Type the word you want  in the style/font you want. Reduce the size of the font to the lowest. Zoom the screen till the letters are pixellated  (almost like a cross stitch design)

how to design letters for monogramming

Take a print screen shot with the print screen button in your keyboard.

Open another file in MS Paint and Paste the screenshot you have on the clip board on to a new file. Save this and take a printout.

Download the grid paper from online sources like this one ; print it out in the dimension of the area you have .

grid paper

Copy the design you have finalized on to the grid sheet by shading the relevant grids. Below given is a simple font which can be used for cross stitch letters

Capital letters.

how to desing letters for embroidery

Small letters

design letters in embroidery

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