DIY Felt Rose (4 easy ways to make these roses)

diy felt rose

Method 1 of making DIY Felt Roses

diy rose made with felt

To make this ROSE flower you just need to roll some felt. Let me tell you how.

Cut out a large circle from felt.

cut out felt circle

Draw a spiral shape starting from the center as in the picture below.

make swirls of circles in the felt with chalk or marking tool

Make petal shapes along the spiral lines ( inside).

mark swirls on the felt that look like petals

Start cutting it out 

cut out the petal shapes

This is what you have.

cut out the swirls

Start rolling the felt piece starting from the middle.

begin to twist the swirls in a circular motion to make it look like a rose

Glue or stitch in place.

Attach leaves to your rose

Method 2 of making DIY Felt Roses

felt rose diy

This is a more simpler version of the first rose.

cut out a circle from felt in the color of the rose

Draw the spiral as in the picture below.

make small swirls

Cut it out.

cut the swirls carefully

Start rolling this as I did earlier, starting from the middle.

Method 3 of making DIY Felt Roses

make felt roses

For this felt rose DIY, cut out a long strip of felt with a rounded but flat petal and then subsequently shaped petals without cutting them out separately.

cut a strip of fabric and then make petal shape on one edge

Start rolling from the straight edge petal.

Roll the petal shaped strip and sew in place

When you start rolling the petals remember to pinch the bottom edge into a small pleat.Stitch in place.

roll from one edge

Roll the whole thing till you finish the full fabric length. 

roll the felt completely

Add a sepal made from green felt and a leaf.

Method 4 of making DIY Felt Roses

diy roses in felt

To make this rose flower, cut out petals – a lot of petals with a dome shape at the top and one semi-circle to make the bud in the center.

cut out many petal shapes from the felt in the shape of rose petals

For this rose flower I have cut out 7 such petals – they are all different sizes with four of them slightly bigger than the rest 3.

make about 8 petals in varying sizes ; cut out calyx and leaves

Curl the top dome shape with your hand and some wetness.

roll the rose petals one by one in the shape of the rose

Curl the oval-shaped petal into the center bud . Stitch in place. You can curl this over floral wire, if you want a stand up rose flower.

first roll the big round petal around metal wire
Roll the big round rose petal around the metal wire

Place the rest of the petals, overlapping each other and stitch in place. Add the sepal and then cover the wire with green tape.

after the calyx is attached, roll green tape around the metal wire.

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  1. Hi Paula
    This depends on the size of the flower you want to make. I made the petals with felt pieces with 1 to 1 1/4 inch width and 1 1/2 inch length. Try cutting out paper in the petal shapes and gather to see if the final flower is the size you want.

  2. I’m hoping to make some flowers for a felted wool cloche hat. What are the basic dimensions for the pieces for Method 4?

  3. You are so AWESOME!!! You show people how to make felt flowers, witch is so AWESOME!


    P.S. I think felt is the best thing to sew with to.

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