Churidar Neck design : 50+ neck designs suitable for salwar suits /kurtis/churidhars

Salwar suits – they are the quintessential wardrobe staple of most of the girls in the Indian Subcontinent and maybe beyond. What is not to love this dress? It is one of the most versatile of all dresses – in terms of its beauty, modesty, available designs and styles. For the modern girl to the most conservative person, there is a suitable salwar suit. Its neckline is one of the aspects that distinguishes punjabi suit as it is also called in terms of style from the millions of different designs available. churidhar neck design Check out the post on Different types of necklines for more details about the names of the necklines commonly used in sewing and the post on drafting those necklines for your dresses. These are all mostly suitable for salwar suits but some more than the others

The basic necklines for churidars/salwar/punjabi suits. 

U neckline 

This is the most popular neckline for salwar suits.

V neckline 

different kinds of salwar kameez necklines

A universally suited neckline for salwar suits for most salwar suits – this is a great neckline for elongating the body. Check out the different ways to sew a V neckline here

Boat Neckline 
This is a neckline which stays very close to the neck – and very flattering for most body shapes. 

Scoop neckline 

suit neckline designs

Scoop neckline is a neck design similar to a round one but which as the name says scoops downs. A neckline which shows off your necklace very well.

Collar neckline 
salwar suitlines
Any type of collar can be added to your salwar suit and also combined with other necklines. Most commonly used is a Mandarin collar or Chinese collar. Here is a  tutorial to draft one. Check out the different types of collars here

Placket neckline 

placket neckline for suits

A placket combined with other necklines are a commonly seen neckline design in salwar suits. You can make a false placket or a conveniently opening one, small one or large enough to last till the bottom edge.

Keyhole neckline

This is a neck design which combines other neck styles with a small hole in the front which could be standing on their own or tied together with fabric tubes.

High neckline 
neck design

This neckline starts high up behind the neck and comes down in the front in different shapes of neck designs like V neck as in the picture or U or sweetheart.

Cowl neckline 
suit necklines
This is a neckline with some folds around the neck – it could be close to the neck or further down. 
Any neckline with jackets
suits necklines

You can combine jackets with your suit and change the neckline of the salwar top any way you want – the jacket could be collared or wrap around or with any other neckline.

Sweetheart neckline 
sweat heart suit neckline design

A neckline that frames the face beautifully well – this neck design is a favourite of many salwar wearers. 

Yoke & neckline 
neckline design for salwar suits

In this type of neckline, a separate yoke is added to the top bodice with different combinations of the necklines. 

Slit neckline 
neck design for kurtis

A neckline which combines different neck designs with a small slit at the central fold line.

Embellished neckline 

suit neck designs

Fabric strips are usually used to frame the neckline – usually, the same fabric as the dupatta or the salwar pants is used to make these embellishments – this is combined with other commonly used necklines in different shapes and styles according to the creativity of the designer.

Variations of basic necklines for churidars/salwar/punjabi suits. 

Different combinations and permutations of the above basic necklines result in different styles to your salwar suits.

Variations of U neckline. 

suit neckline designs


Variations of the collared neckline for suits. 

suit necklines

Variations of the v neckline for suits. 

punjabi suit neck
punjabi suit neck styles

Variations of the yoke neckline for suits. 

punjabi suit neck design
churidar neck designs
churidar neck designs

Variations of the keyhole neckline 

churidar neck designs

More Variations of churidhar necklines

churidhar neckline

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