Sew comfortable elastic waist Lounge pants

Step by step tutorial to draft pattern and sew a very comfortable lounge pants with a wide elastic waistband
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This is tutorial to sew a very comfortable lounge pants. You can make these pants in comfortable cotton or knit fabrics. You also need 1.5 to 2 inch wide elastic.

Step by step tutorial to sew elastic waist lounge pants

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Mark the pattern pieces

cut out the pattern pieces from folded fabric

Cut out two fabric pieces 1/2 of your hip round plus 7 or 8 inches and of length, your desired pant length plus 2 inches. Keep them together, right sides to the inside. Fold them by the middle. Mark the above given pattern on the folded fabric (top piece).

Measure your hip round and this is taken as the basis for this pattern. Divide this measurement by 4. Add 2 inches to this to mark the top edge of the pants.

The crotch length is measured based on the hip round again. Divide the hip round by 4 and add 2.5 inches to it. You can increase this or decrease this according to where you want to wear the waist.

D-F is marked out from F – 3 inches. This is the Back crotch width. You have to mark a less wider front crotch 3/4 inch inside from D at E.

G- B can be marked any width from 8 inches to a very wide 11 inches or more as per your preference.

Cut out the pants

cut out the outer pattern

The pants are cut along the C-D mark first. Just forget about the inner marking at C-E.

Open up the pants

Open the two pattern pieces and keep them stacked together

Cut out the inner crotch line

Cut at the inner crotch line marked on one side. This side is the front crotch line (with a lesser width than for the front understandably)

Sew the crotch lines

Keep the pieces same way and sew the crotch lines together.

Open the pant legs and align seams

open the pants

Fold the pants so that the folds come to the sides and the legs are aligned. Keep the inner seams together and sew them together (still right side in)

Measure the top edge

Wide elastic has to be cut according to your hip round as it has to go up around the hips. Cut the elastic a little lesser than the hip round around 2 inches depending on the stretch of the elastic.

Sew the ends of the elastic

elastic ends are sewn together with an x stitch

Keep the elastic ends overlapping together and sew together – make an X stitch.

Sew the elastic to the pants

Bring the pants right side out. The elastic band has to be stretched to fit the top edge of the pant.

Sew the elastic to the pant top edge

FInish the top edge of your pants with serging or zig zag stitching. Keep the elastic band face down on the top edge of the pants. Sew with a zig zag stitch ; ignore my straight stitching. It is difficult to sew over elastic with straight stitch. .

Finished elastic waistband.

lounge pants with a waistband of wide elastic

Turn up the elastic; To hem the pants, you can fold the bottom edge twice and stitch in place.

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  1. Overall I like the post, but I do wish there had been alternate instructions as to a hemmed waist and use of small elastic. Would more length be needed for a top hem? I am not a fan of the wide elastic.

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