30+ Color names starting with A

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Color names starting with A

Absinthe is the name of a spirit originally made in Czech Republic. The color name absinthe is from the color of this spirit. It can have a yellow tone or a greener tone.


This is a brown color with a hint of red. It is famous as a hair color


names of colors with A

This is a deep blue color named after the Adriatic Sea.


shades of colors with A

A soft creamy white – it is usually used to describe a fair skin. Originally alabaster is a mineral

Alice blue

color names starting with A

A pale azure color – it is so pale that you may think that it a shade of white than of blue.

Almond green

The green color of unripe almond

Almond Buff

This is a soft taupe color

Aloe Green


colour names in A

This is the color of the flowers on an Amaranth plant


Amber is a gemstone and this color is named after the color of the stone


Amethyst is a quartz with a beautiful purple color.

Amparo Blue

Anthracite black

This is a familiar color when shopping for men’s clothing – infact a favoutite color as it is not as stark as a black

Antique white

Apple green


Color of a green apple


The color of apricot fruit



Aqua green

Army Brown

This shade of brown is a popular neutral color

Arterial Blood Red

Artichoke green


Asparagus Green

Color of asparagus leaves


The color of the egg shaped vegetable


Usually this is used to refer to hair color – a dark brownish red.

Aurora red


Azure blue

This is a burning blue color.

Aurora Blossom

Aztec Maroon




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