Color names starting with F

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A list of colors that start with the alphabet F.

Faded rose

faded rose

Faded rose is a dark shade of red.

Fashion Grey

fashion grey color

This is a warm grey color which is popular in home decoration.

Fawn Brown

fawn brown

Fawn is usually used to refer to the brown coat of dogs. For eg. a fawn Doberman.



This is a bright shade of magenta pink color.


fallow color

This is a pale brown color.

Fairy green

fairy green color starting with F


feldspar color

Feldspar is the name of a large group of rock-forming minerals found on earth’s crust – the color feldspar is the pale brown color of these rocks.

Flint grey

flint grey color name

Flint is the name of a hard dark quartz – the medium grey color of this quartz is termed flint grey

Fleur de lys

fluer de lys

Fleur de lys in french means lily flower.


color of flesh

Flesh is the color that generally represent human skin color.

Flemish blue

flemish blue color name

Flemish blue is a medium blue that is very popular in home decorating.

Flaxflower blue

flaxflower blue

The blue of the flowers of the flax plant.

Flamingo pink

flaminko pink

This is a vibrant pink of the Flamingo bird.


flaxen color

This is the pale yellow colour of flax. The term is usually used for describing a pale yellow shade of blond hair.

Flame blue

flame blue

When gas burns efficiently the flame will have a blue color. This is supposed to indicate complete combustion.

Fir green

fir green

Fir green is the color of the leaves of the fir trees, evergreen trees of the pine family.

Fire Red

fire red

This is a bright reddish orange color.



Bright red color of firecrackers.

Filbert brown

filbert brown

Filbert refers to a type of edible rounded brown nuts.

Fiery red

fiery red

Fern green

fern green

Named after the leaves of the fern plant.

Florida gold

florida gold

Maybe the color of the gold coins discovered in Florida under the sea by gold scavengers. 

Flourite green

flourite green

Green flourite is a natural birthstone crystal which can transform negative energy into positive energy.

Foliage brown

foliage brown starting with alphabet f

Foliage refers collectively to  leaves, flowers, and branches of a plant. Here the brown is what you will find in nature as part of a pant.

Foliage green

foliage green

Here, Foliage refers to leaves of a plant. 

Forrest green

forrest green

Forget me not

forget me not color

This is named after beautiful 5 petalled flowers that represent true love.


forsythe color

Named after the bright yellow colored flowers blooming in early spring on the ornamental shrub forsythia.


color of foxglove

This color is named after the cluster of tubular flowers on the wild foxglove plant.

French beige

color name starting with f -french beige

Frost grey

frost grey

Frosty green

frosty green

A muted shade of green



This is a bright purplish pink color.


fudge color names

The color of dark chocolate fudge

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