Jeweled neckline : Easy ways

Learn easy ways to turn plain necklines to jeweled necklines with rhinestones, sequins, bugle beads etc.

If you like to elevate the look of a clothing, nothing easier than to embellish the neckline – that part of the garment which is the first thing you notice. With a jeweled neckline, the clothing just becomes a little bit more eye catching and glamorous than it was. If you like the shine and sparkle of a jeweled neckline, you are going to like these simple ways to create one on plain tops and shirts.

a t shirt neckline with glue on rhinestones

The jeweled neckline refers to a decorative design element on the neckline of a garment, where you use rhinestones, gems, or other decorative embellishments to decorate. You can add beaded tapes, or pre-made jeweled appliqués, or hotfix rhinestones.

Jeweled necklines looks the best on evening gowns, cocktail dresses, but they also can be done on everyday tops, blouses, and even casual t-shirts.

What do you need to make a jeweled neckline?

a neckline with beads added along the yoke

This depends on what kind of jeweled neckline you want to make. You can go for sparkly and costly gems to simple inexpensive plastic beads. You can combine zardosi embroidery, kundan stones, attach mirrors, and then combine with embroidery stitches, like in the picture above (of a traditional Indian dress), or settle for the subtle.

The simplest supply you can buy is a packet of Rhinestones. Or some sparkly sequins or bugle beads. Hotfix rhinestones are super affordabe and are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, even as tapes. You can also add gems, different types of beads, such as sequins, pearls, or crystals.

hotfix rhinestones with tweezer

You can always do with some simple supplies like a tweezer for applying rhinestones, (If you have the hotfix rhinestone applicator, you are in a very very good place), fabric glue, needle and thread for sequins, beads and buttons. You can use embroidery hoops and frames, to get absolute control.

embroidery frame

Adding embroidery to your jeweled neckline

I just made straight lines down from the neckline. They have to be straight and symmetrical and equidistant from each other.

neckline and a measuring tool

Then make even back stitches along the marked lines. A tutorial to make back stitches can be found here.

sew a line of back stitches

Add the rhinestones or gems at the end with glue or stitching. Checkout this post on attaching rhinestones on fabric.

add rhinestones

Stitch Rhinestones or buttons

You can stitch cute rhinestones and make a pretty jeweled neckline.

stones attached on the collar of a top

Add bugle beads and other stones in different shapes to the mix to make floral motifs. There are some cute glass buttons that you can similarly stitch to your neckline. Checkout this post on sewing rhinestones.

how to attach sew on rhinestones

A single stone thus stitched can also look good.

a single stone placed along a neckline

Or a whole bunch along the neckband.

rhinestone panel added along the neckline -band collar

The whole spectrum of bling on a gem-encrusted neckline may not be your thing – stick to ‘simple’ and ‘a few’, then.

Glue rhinestones mirroring the neckline

a row of faceted rhinestones along the neckline

Select rhinestones that match the color scheme of your top. The above picture shows faceted stones framed in gold metal.

Arrange the glue stones in nice patterns

rhinestone pattern -floral

You also use hotfix rhinestones which are fixed with heat. I placed small dots of fabric glue and placed the rhinestones with the tweezer and when it was dry, iron it from the back to completely fix the stones.

Faded /graduated pattern.

rhinestones and a tshirt

The graduated design is very commonly used when using rhinestones. The first row is made very close to each other. The subsequent rows are made a little distant from each other, with the distance between the stones increasing with each row.

glue the rhinestones
t shirt with the rhinestones

You can do the same with a different style with different sized stones. When placing the stones, start with largest stones first, then the next largest, and so on so that you get a similar faded pattern with the rhinestones.

Sew beads along the neckline

Small beads can be sewn along the edge of your neckline or just below it. You can sew strings of beads with couching stitches or sew the beads on the neckline one by one.

Add a line of beads along the neckline

Checkout this post on sewing beads along the neckline edge.

picot edge along neckline

It can create a scalloped edge along the neckline, if sewn with the right sized beads.

beads sewn along the neckline edge

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Bugle beads added to the neckline

Bugle beads along a neckline can also give you a nice bejeweled look.

beads added to an illusion neckline

It can be in intricate patterns or a simple line – the sparkle of the beads will do the job.

Sew the bugle beads along the neckline
bugle beads sewn along the neckline in a zig zag pattern

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