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Stone wash jeans : How to Do-it-yourself at home.

stone wash jeans

If you remember stonewashed jeans of the 1980s, you would also remember the craze it was. And the trend for distressed faded jeans never died. Today, If you like faded, distressed, and soft, light blue jeans in the place of dark, stiff jeans but like a do-it-yourself route to this, rather than buying them for … Read more

How to lengthen a short top (3 Easy ideas)

Add length to a top

Do you have that one top which you would gladly wear if it was just a little bit longer? Let this no longer be a problem. This post is about adding extra length to tops which are shorter than you want them to be. Idea 1   To lengthen a top, add lace trims An … Read more

How to fix a worn out Shirt Collar

In any shirt, the collar is the first casualty of wear and tear. This is so, because it is stretched out, interfaced, and it is a curved portion with more than one seam close to each other. And the abrasion against the back of the neck with sweat and oil– all leading to a collar … Read more

Patchwork jeans : Easy DIY ideas

I do not know whether patchwork jeans are a thing nowadays – but considering the cyclic nature of fashion, and the way we all love to play with jeans, distressing it and changing its surface to suit our streetwear sensibilities, it could be tomorrow or the very next day. You can be prepared to do … Read more

Re-fashion plain Black t-shirts to ‘Pretty’

Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to have said that wearing the same color t-shirt every day made him spend less energy on inconsequent things and gave him focus. As one of the richest men on earth, he must be doing this right, but I do not think I would follow this, though I need that focus … Read more

How to add extra length to your short jeans :4 easy ways

If you want to add extra length to your jeans for whatever reason, at first you may think it will not look alright. But there are workarounds to this. Here are the solutions. How to make jeans longer – Adding length to jeans  Different ways to add additional length to short jeans 1. Add extra … Read more

Recycling clothes and Fabric

When I keep aside my recently bought top that I do not like anymore, and go on to buy another one or many more, should I be concened  about the carbon footprint I am leaving behind or the fashion industry I will be helping with my consumerism and vanity? I really do not know!. But … Read more

Altering loose pants into one that fits

Recycling old clothes and destroying new clothes to look old are ‘the’ trends nowadays, or so says my daughter who is a new convert to alternate fashion. I am up for anything to do with clothes so I didn’t blink an eye when she came up with an old, faded, and very very loose pant … Read more

How to alter Tight Pants/Jeans?

Pants being too tight along the hips or abdomen – this is inevitable for some body shapes than others when they gain a little extra weight. The pant gets uncomfortably tight across the abdomen and/or hips and there are wrinkles across the body which can look awkward. Or worse, the waistband would not close!  You … Read more

Best tricks to alter clothes that are too tight

A skirt that frames your stomach like a round picture frame, a bodice that looks like it is going to come apart at the side seams any moment, a button stand that gapes showing everything that is inside, outside, pants that develop embarrassing diagonal wrinkles from the crotch to waist or worse that refuse to … Read more

What to make from OLD JEANS ? : 10 Jeans recycle ideas

This post lists easy things to make with old jeans. Recycle your old jeans to things which are very useful. Most houses with growing kids will have a number of jeans that are past their prime. They are usually too short or too tight. There are some easy things you can make with these jeans. … Read more

How to remove Embroidery from clothes without damage to the fabric

As someone passionate about embroidery, I would never want to remove embroidery from clothes. But there are instances where you have to. When the embroidery is in an inappropriate place on your fabric for sewing – say, on a seam line where you do not want that unnecessary thickness. Or when you have good clothing … Read more