How to stitch Embroidered neckline (and neck embroidery design ideas)

Simple & easy neckline embroidery design ideas and how to stitch the embroidered neckline.
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Do you know what lies close to the most distinguishing part of your body ? – the neckline! It frames your face and makes it all the more attractive than it already is; Which is why people care so much about choosing their necklines. And, neck embroidery designs can transform a plain neckline into a work of art, ensuring  your outfit stands out.

embroidery design for neckline

Customized embroidery allows you to have unique, one-of-a-kind garments. They look good on clothes for specific occasions, such as weddings, cultural ceremonies, or formal events.

So, would you want to decorate your neckline with embroidery?

Here is how I would go about drawing the embroidery designs for neckline and stitching it.

Choosing the neck embroidery design

three easy embroidery designs for necklines

You can bring your own unique style and personality into your clothes by designing your own embroidery pattern. Choose specific designs, colors, and patterns for the embroidery that matches your preference as well as the clothing you are going to work it on.

Simple neck embroidery designs

neckline embroidery design with outline stitch

The most simple & easy neckline embroidery design is to make outline stitches like stem stitch, or chain stitch along the neckline in a single layer or double layer and then add some beads to it.

To make the knot stitches as I have done, follow the steps given below:

Start by coming up from the back of the fabric and take a very small stitch 1/4 inch from where you came up.

After this, bring up the needle.

Bring the needle out to the left through the first stitch

Bring out the needle

Bring up the needle again through the loop of the stitch from the left.

Tighten the thread – you have a knot formed.

Continue making the outline knot stitches around the neckline.

knot stitches in a line on the neckline

Make more than one such lines. And then decorate with sequins, or add beads or stick rhinestones.

You can use any of the braid stitches mentioned in this post for making better designs than the one above. I love that post of mine, if I may say so myself, because they are all so useful.

braid stitch

For more elaborate designs – Mark your design

The best way to embroider, is to embroider before cutting the pattern of your dress. Just mark the pattern, and then mark the embroidery design and then do the embroidery and then cut the pattern.

But it is not a hard and fast rule. You can embroider on your finished neckline as well.

flower embroidered neckline

Simple flower designs can be marked as a circle, and you can fill in the circle with either bullion stitches, buttonhole stitches or French knot embroidery stitches.

If you want a more symmetrical design or an elaborate one, it is better to sketch it on a tracing sheet and then transfer it to the fabric using a carbon sheet. Otherwise you will struggle to get the symmetry and also make a mess on the fabric.

carbon trasfer of embroidery design to neckline

If you are using simple outline stitches, like I have done below, you can just mark the outline of the neckline, 1/4 inch or so to the inside. Ensure that you are using a tape measure and marking exactly and equidistantly from the neckline edge. What I mean is, do not wing it – though you may think that you have got it right, it might look glaringly obvious that you haven’t, after you have put in all the effort of completing the embroidery.

Start embroidering

When embroidering dense designs, you will need to keep the fabric taut. This is needed to keep a uniform tension on the fabric – for this, you will have to keep the fabric on an embroidery hoop. Use a hoop large enough for the neckline design you are stitching to fit inside. Else, you will have to move the hoop around when one area is finished and this is difficult and your stitches will get squashed under the hoop.

Place the top hoop over the bottom hoop and fabric. Tigten the nut on the embroidery hoop till the fabric is somewhat taut.


After the work is done, keep the facing for the neckline face down on the neckline.

Sew from the back so that you can see the thread of the embroidery to guide you. Sew close to the embroidery design, so that there is no gap.

Cut the neckline, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Understitch along the facing and the seam allowance, very close to the stitching.

Bring the facing to the back of the neckline.

If you have understitched neatly and closely, the facing will automatically fall to the back of the neckline.

The neckline after the facing is turned to the back.

neckline knot embroidery stitches

Cute and small flowers are very pretty on the necklines of blouses and kids clothes.

flower embroidery on the neckline

To embroider these roses, you have to draw small circles which are equal in size (or the size you want) and then make odd numbered straight stitches.

woven rose flowers embroidered on the neckline

Then thread is woven under, over, under, these straight stitches to get the rose shape. Check out this post on rose embroidery stitches to learn how to do it. Complete the flower embroidery with embroidered leaves.

leaf embroidery on neckline

Finish sewing your neckline. And complete sewing your top.

Another simple embroidery design idea is to use lazy daisy stitches along the neckline.

neckline design with lazy daisy stitch

Mark a line and semi-circles along the neckline and work the lazy daisy stitches in the shape of flowers.

After this complete the neckline stitching and add beads, or leave it as it is.

neckline embroidery designs

Lazy daisy is a chain stitch variation and a very versatile stitch. And you can make pretty flowers with this stitch alone.

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Adding beads with embroidery stitches.

There are several different bead embroidery stitches you can use to add beads to your fabric.

The simplest is to just add the beads in a line. You have to choose a thin needle with an even thinner eye to string small beads -otherwise they couldn’t get through.

First mark your neckline – add a parallel line to your neckline and sew herringbone stitches in a row.

herringbone stitch sewn along the neckline

Take up 4 or 5 beads on your needle.

add beads along the border

Bring the needle down.

And then bring it up through the last but one bead that you have already sewn.

bring up the needle through the last but one needle

Now thread through the last bead.

Pull it up. This will attach the beads more securely than simply stringing the beads.

add beads to neckline design

Add beads to the intersections of the embroidery stitches.

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