Cross Stitch letters : Patterns for all alphabets

Are you fascinated by cross stich? If yes, you would want to decorate everything with these very simple stitches that can be used to embroider anything. Cross stitch letters used to embroider words and intials can make anything personalised for you. Here are the most simple patterns to embroider letters with cross stitch. These capital … Read more

Variegated thread embroidery

What is variegated thread? This refers to the 6-strand embroidery thread and other embroidery threads with more than one color in the same skein- usually with the colors gradually moving from light to dark but it can also have contrasting colors or a melange of different colors. In most variegated thread the colors blend gradually … Read more

Gota Patti work

In the Indian State of Rajasthan, for special days and even on ordinary days each girl dresses like she is a princess. Her clothes will be embellished with beautiful embroidery designs, mirror work, and an ornamental metallic colored applique work which is called Gota Patti ( Lappe ka kaam ). Gotta Patti refers to a … Read more

Embroidered frame Pendants : 4 Easy designs

Show off – When you wear these pendants, you will essentially be doing that, but no one will mind. People are always interested in art and embroidery is art ; the plus is, you are wearing it on your neck. To make these cute embroidered pendants, you can cut out the fabric (base fabric for … Read more

How to do Cutwork Embroidery on a Sewing Machine

cutwork embroidery with sewing machine

A cutwork embroidery involves making embroidery stitches over design outlines and after the embroidery is done, parts of the foundation fabric are cut away, leaving the embroidery stitches intact, resulting in projecting outlines of the design. It is usually done by hand using various hand embroidery stitches but mainly with buttonhole stitches. But almost the … Read more

10 favourite Needlepoint Embroidery Stitches

Needlepoint embroidery is not for the fainthearted. It takes a lot of dedication and patience to complete a small area in needlepoint embroidery but once completed, no other embroidery looks as beautiful. Needlepoint is a kind of embroidery in which the whole foundation fabric is covered with embroidery stitches. Silk threads, wool yarn or embroidery … Read more

10 Different types of Heirloom Cutwork embroidery

In Cutwork Embroidery, double lines marking the edges of the design are worked with embroidery stitches, and then the surrounding areas are cut away. This is the simple version of it. But this has been re-invented so many times in so many variations. Here are the main types of cutwork embroidery techniques that you can … Read more

Embroidery Sampler : How to make one and why you should!

Why everyone who loves embroidery should make a Sampler – 6 reasons You can practice your embroidery stitches You can show off your embroidery skills  You can test your embroidery design, color, size etc. You can use it as a reference later It makes a good artwork on your wall Teaches a lot of patience. … Read more

Broderie Perse : The pretty patterned Applique technique

Do you have small scraps of fabrics with pretty designs which you want to keep forever. Broderie Perse is your method then – cut them out, applique on the fabric you wish to use for your projects. Broderie Perse  applique is the name given to the method of appliqueing pretty pictures on another piece of … Read more

Brazilian Embroidery

Brazilian embroidery is a very colorful embroidery technique in which traditional embroidery stitches are used to work floral designs in multicolors. In this style of embroidery dimensional floral designs are worked with a very shiny thread to create stunning works of art. From what I have read, I do not think that this embroidery has … Read more

Cast on Stitch Embroidery : The best stitches

Cast on embroidery stitch is a very dimensional stitch that is commonly used in Brazilian embroidery. It is usually made with a high sheen rayon floss or a shiny Perle cotton thread and is one of the most beautiful of all hand embroidery stitches.  One cast on stitch makes the petal of a flower, a … Read more

Star Embroidery Stitch : 7 ways

A star is a hope – the hope of a sparkle. The way we depict a star is its shine. The shape we have in our mind of a star has nothing to do with the reality of a star. Though we know it, we still believe in that shine. Every one learns to draw … Read more

Tambour embroidery / Aari work

I always marvelled at the speed with which some of the embroiderers who work on high end fashion garments attach bead and do embroidery. I could only see their needles moving at the speed of light and thought they were magicians. They are, now I know. You need magical patience for learning how to do … Read more

Mukeish Work

Mukesh work is a metallic embroidery work done with a special thin flattened metallic thread. It is originally from the region Lucknow in India (State of Uttar Pradesh). The work looks as if small metal pieces are embedded in the fabric. The original way the Mukeish work is done by traditional craftsmen of India is … Read more

Swedish weaving aka Huckaback Embroidery

If you are in for an unusual but beautiful type of embroidery, the Swedish weaving is the one for you. It is an easy way to embroider on fabric with colorful thread without dedicating a lot of time to it. It is done on a fabric called huckaback fabric with loose floating threads. A blunt … Read more

How to embroider with a home sewing machine ?

Not everyone has the luxury of owning an embroidery sewing machine. But, those who love embroidery but have only the normal sewing machine – there is no need to despair. You can still do passable at first and beautiful and wonderful work with practice, with your simple home sewing machine. Here is how to. How … Read more

Small & cute Embroidery designs for Bed sheets & Pillowcovers

“Small is Beautiful” is a theory in Economics, environmentology and also in embroidery. And it is self explanatory. I will give you some small and easy to do embroidery designs you can make on your plain bedsheet and matching pillowcases. There is nothing earth shattering about these designs; a child can draw and stitch them. … Read more

Redwork Embroidery

  Redwork work embroidery is a simple embroidery technique in which outlines of designs are made with stem stitch in only red embroidery thread. It is usually done on white cotton fabric. In this embroidery, simple drawings depicting nature, animals, women in hoop skirts, houses, etc are used and the outlines of these shapes are … Read more

5 easy Peacock and Peacock Feather Embroidery Designs

Peacock feather is considered to bring in good luck, peace and harmony. For me, it combines beauty with good fortune and I especially love it because it has all my favourite colors. The original peacock feathers have iridescent colors – metallic blue and green are the dominant colors. Here are 5 easy peacock feather embroidery … Read more