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Sewing Tips & Techniques

Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

Fold-over elastic is a particular type of elastic tape that is used as a binding elastic in sewing – it has enough width to go over an edge and a dent down the center of the elastic on either sides, which aids in easy folding over fabrics. There are two things that the elastic does …

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How to use a Seam Ripper?

The question really is, “How do you rip seams with a seam ripper without damaging the cloth?”. The ‘damaging’ part needs a double emphasis. I have seen that, done that – ripped the fabric instead of the stitches. Everyone owns a seam ripper, ie everyone who sews. It needs absolutely no introduction. A seam ripper …

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Flat collar :Sewing tutorial

A flat collar is the type of collar that you regularly see on women’s dresses blouses; As the name suggests, it lies close to the garment’s neckline – the inside edge of the collar and the neckline are the same. It is a casual and feminine-looking collar.  This is an oft seen collar on kids’ …

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Fusible interfacing – Different types and the correct way to attach them to fabric

Fusible interfacing gives strength and stability to fabric without making it evident that you are using another layer. That is if it is correctly applied and perfectly bonded. In worst-case scenarios, the interfacing can cause bubbling on the fabric surface; it can come off when handling, washing, or change the fabric’s drape—all in all, a …

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Lettuce Edge

Lettuce edge is a decorative wavy edge finish made on knit fabrics/stretchy fabrics and even for woven fabrics.  This curly edge is a very easy way to finish the hem of knit garments. The edge ends up looking like a frill.  You just need a zig-zag stitch to make this edge finish You can use …

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